Dev Chat Summary: May 31st (4.8 week 5)

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from May 31st (agendaSlack archive).

4.8 Timing

  • Beta 1 went out on Friday, May 12th; Beta 2 went out on Monday, May 22nd; RC1 went out on Thursday, May 25th
  • RC2 is scheduled for Thursday, June 1st
  • With RC2 we’re aiming for a hard string freeze so that translators can complete all the new strings in 4.8
  • Should things continue to go to plan, 4.8 release would be next Thursday, June 8th

4.8 Bug Scrub

  • Currently at 4 tickets in the milestone, goal is to get to 0 by RC2
  • #39822 has ongoing commits to improve Build/Test Tools in relationship to PHPUnit 6
  • #40893 is a bug that used to be caused by themes, but now there is a notice in the UI about it [Note: since committed and closed]
  • The TinyMCE-extended Text widget provides a suboptimal UX for users who have been accustomed to pasting in 3rd-party JavaScript code (widgets) into the Text widget
    • Relates to #2833
    • Considerations considered include code, documentation, and/or UI updates to improve the UX
    • Suboptimal UX includes three separate but related issues:
      • 1) Extra whitespace from content pasted in
      • 2) HTML being encoded after it is pasted in
      • 3) line breaks in JS causing the JS to break due to new <p>
    • #1 & 2 are likely best solved with documentation and some outreach
    • #3 appears to be the most severe, but also the biggest edge case
    • Proposal:
      • 1) In the very short term, create documentation to help 3rd parties (e.g. MailChimp, Infusionsoft) and utilize people with a wide and respected reach to do some outreach with that documentation
      • 2) For 4.8.0, don’t make any code related changes
      • 3) Continue looking into this and exploring what we could change for 4.8.1
    • Note the TinyMCE Text Widget post has been amended to note the need to remove extraneous line breaks, especially when pasting in script snippets
    • If you’re able to help with documentation or outreach on this, please call out in #core.
  • #40865 has patch, needs review for commit in 4.8/punt to 4.8.1
  • #40721 committing final strings tonight, only hours remain for feedback

4.8 Dev Notes / Field Guide

  • Many thanks to all writing, reviewing, and otherwise contributing to getting all the dev notes published recently!
  • Also 🙌 to @pbiron & @desrosj for their help getting the field guide published alongside RC1

Other News

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