WordPress 4.7.3-RC1 is now available!

Please help test! Here’s the build: https://wordpress.org/wordpress-4.7.3-RC1.zip

What’s in this release?

We made some improvements to media upload handling after the 4.7.1 release, so this is a good flow to test. Especially if you have the Disable Real MIME Check plugin installed, please remove it and re-test uploading your previously problematic files. See #39550 and #39552 for details.

Many of the changes are REST API-related, in particular fixes to post and comment date handling, the wp-api.js client, and a few other miscellaneous parameters. There’s a full list on the REST API changelog page.

There are also a good number of Customizer fixes and UX improvements, and a few other changes in other components.

You can browse the full list of changes on Trac.

What’s next?

Committers: Please consider the 4.7.3 milestone and the 4.7 branch frozen, barring any major issues with RC1.

The 4.7.3 release is scheduled for Monday, March 6, 2017 (one week from today).