Dev Chat Summary: February 1st (4.7.3 week 1)

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from February 1st (agendaSlack archive).

4.7.2 Update

4.7.3 Schedule

Customizer team update

  • Still going through the customize component ticket backlog, identifying quick wins to add to the next release and then larger issues to tackle for the next major release
  • We’re in need of patch contributors.
  • Tickets currently in the 4.7.3 milestone: should be read as “next minor release” and tickets are prone to punting.

Editor team update

  • The Editor team is working on a prototype, but otherwise has no other urgent updates.

REST API team update

  • The REST API team is also quiet this week, but will be meeting in-person next week.

Trac Ticket(s)

  • #39701: Do not allow editing users from a different site in REST API
    • related to multisite users handling
    • Discussed adding a ?global parameter to the API to enable managing multisite users, in 4.8 or later
    • REST API currently is essentially a single-site API, this ticket is one of the ways it behaves inconsistently regarding user management
    • @jnylen0 would like to make it behave more consistently like a single-site API for now, until we can thoughtfully and carefully add support for multisite
  • #39256: REST API: Multiple issues with setting dates of posts
    • Really needs more eyes, ideally in the form of failing/passing unit tests and patches
    • @jnylen0: These two issues are backwards-incompatible and the penalty of fixing them now, while not many people are using the API yet, far outweighs the pain of having to support and work around them in the future, essentially forever
  • #39696: REST API: Filter which links get embedded when passing the ?_embed query parameter
    • coming along nicely, but probably not as important for a point release

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