Dev Chat Summary: January 25th (4.7.2 week 2)

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from January 25th (agendaSlack archive).

4.7.2 Schedule

  • Reminder that no release date has been scheduled for 4.7.2 yet, we will assess tickets milestoned in Trac next week and begin planning for timing then.

Customizer team update

  • Please read two most recent posts: Customization in 2017 and Meeting Notes from January 23
  • Began scrubbing 198 tickets in customize component backlog to evaluate their priorities against the goals for the year, closing the ones that are no longer valid
  • We’re assigning tickets to the next minor release when they are defects or small enhancements that can be tackled in the next month
  • Larger enhancements that are aligned with the year’s goals which are not suitable for the next few weeks will be assigned to 4.8
  • The Future Release milestone is for tickets that should be done but which aren’t a priority for the goals of customizer this year
  • Looking for input on #39692 (Fix missing assignment of menus on theme switch), #39693 (Fix missing assignment of widgets on theme switch), and #35243 (Extending the text widget to also allow visual mode)
  • Big effort around #35760 (Provide API for TinyMCE editor to be dynamically instantiated via JS), so if you’re well-versed in TinyMCE please help
    • In summary, this will provide basic text formatting, links, and media embedding capabilities
  • If you’re looking for patches to contribute, please look at the defects milestoned for 4.7.2 that need patches
  • Continuing big picture design discussions about what the customizer should look like in light of conversations also happening with the editor

Editor team update

  • Please review the What Are Little Blocks Made Of? post and subsequent comments to get some insight into their approach on “blocks” as the focus this year

Trac Ticket(s)

  • #39256: REST API: Multiple issues with setting dates of posts
    • Not really possible to use the REST API to manipulate dates in a reasonable fashion
    • This is something we should fix ASAP before people start relying on the current, broken behavior
    • Please take a look, especially if you have experience with date handling in other parts of WP
  • #39466: Get list of post API request missing status
    • Should be a pretty easy win in 4.7.2
  • #39264: Add WP-API JS Client unit tests to core
    • Could use a review
    • Would love help automating the generation of the mocked data, ideally as a grunt task
  • #39072: Add gmt_offset as a REST API setting
    • Sort of related to date handling, a bit involved, doing it later isn’t so bad because it’s an addition rather than a change
  • #36574: Redesign term pages
    • Patch needs testing from Taxonomy team

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