Dev Chat Summary: December 7th (4.7 launch week)

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from December 7th (Slack archive).


4.7 Issues Reported

  • Caches not always clearing, not something we can fix, but seems to be the most common problem
  • Couple of reports around fatals related to WP_Hook, one traced to APC the cause of the other is still unknown
    • #39132: WP 4.7, object-cache.php breaks the site if APC is not enabled in php
  • We’re unable to pinpoint why lots of folks who meet the requirements still don’t have PDF thumbnails
    • Are there more specific requirements beyond “you need Imagik, ImageMagick and Ghostscript” perhaps specific versions?
    • Many problems so far there have been outright lack of Ghostscript installed, so having the gs info when reporting bugs would be great
    • Discussion continued on capturing ghostscript, Imagick and ImageMagick versions details via a plugin (e.g., a hidden wp-admin/debug.php,
  • Several reports of rest_cannot_edit and similar things from the users endpoints
  • Reports of people getting denied access to the admin area, issue appears to all be caching plugins not being cleared properly
  • #39104: Customize: starter content home menu item needs to be a link, not a page
    • This is concerning for back-compatability and needs to have a coordinated Twenty Seventeen update. The usability implications are somewhat concerning for new sites being created with 4.7.0.
  • #39146: plugin.php gives error on do_all_hook() function
  • #39150: Empty JSON Payload Causes rest_invalid_json
  • Thanks to @macmanx and @clorith and all of the people volunteering in the forums! Would be great for everyone to help answer questions in the forums, its a great way to understand the problems that users are having.
    • is a great place to start
    • Support handbook as reference for those helping out

4.7.1 Planning

  • Discussion on targeting 4.7.1 before the holidays in December 2016 or aiming for January 2017
    • Timing depends heavily on the severity and type of issue(s), and not the amount of issues
    • Target is to get close to a 4.7.1 RC by the end of the year
    • Two bug scrubs happening this week (see the Bug Scrubs reference in Reminders section above) that will give us an idea of what’s realistically close to being ready for a December release.
  • No immediate Release Lead for 4.7.1
  • Handbook reference for releasing minor versions

4.7 Retrospective

  • We failed at getting the field guide and email to plugin dev out early though. We have aimed to have that out around beta 2 and usually end up getting it out around RC the last few releases.
  • We will post a general request for feedback on Make/Core to capture Retrospective input
  • We will review the feedback and then present it for discussion during the dev chat on December 21st and agree on action items on how we can improve in the future

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