WordPress 4.7 Field Guide

WordPress 4.7 is shaping up to be the best WordPress yet!  Users will receive new and refined features that make it easier to “Make your site, YOUR site”, and developers will be able to take advantage of 173 enhancements and feature requests added.  Let’s look at the many improvements coming in 4.7…

RESTing, RESTing: 1, 2, 3

The foundation for RESTful APIs has been in core since 4.4, and 4.7 sees the addition of Content Endpoints after a healthy discussion. We’ve defined four success metrics as part of the merge discussion and you can help by building themes and plugins on top of the API, using the API in custom development projects, and utilizing the API for a feature project, core features, or patches. So, dive in, start playing around, and let us know what you build!

REST API Merge Proposal, Part 2: Content API


It don’t mean a thing, if you ain’t got a theme

No matter if you are building themes for public consumption, as a bespoke project for a major public company, or anything in between WordPress 4.7 has something to help you.

Theming with Twenty Seventeen

Video Headers in 4.7

Starter content for themes in 4.7

Visible Edit Shortcuts in the Customizer Preview

Whitespace changes in navigation for 4.7

Post Type Templates in 4.7

New Post Type Labels in 4.7

New Functions, Hooks, and Behaviour for Theme Developers in WordPress 4.7

The Voyages of USS Media

Two notable changes, enhanced PDF support in the media library and changes to the default fallbacks for image alt attributes, are explained in separate posts.

Enhanced PDF Support in WordPress 4.7

Improving accessibility of image alternative text in 4.7

Media also received other exciting enhancements and bug fixes you should check out.

Around the World

The way users understand the words on WordPress are important and now users will be able to select their personal preferred language.

User Admin Languages and Locale Switching in 4.7


For Whom Customization Tolls

The customize component will now support the ability to create pages within live preview during site setup; will have a faster, smoother, and more accessible navigation; will automatically persist your changes in the background while you browse your site and switch themes; and will let you fine-tune your site with custom CSS.

Customizer Improvements in 4.7

Customize Changesets Technical Design Decisions

Changes to Customizer Sliding Panels/Sections in WordPress 4.7

Extending the Custom CSS editor


Reading, Writing and Teriffic

Whether you’re creating content in the WordPress Admin or concerned about comment moderation, we’ve got updates that will be sure to please you.

Editor changes in 4.7

Comment “allowed” checks in WordPress 4.7


The Foundation of WordPress

For those who like to get “under the hood” of WordPress, we’ve got some improvements that will hopefully make your life easier.

Changed loading order for current user in 4.7

Multisite Focused Changes in 4.7

Attributes for Resource Hints in 4.7

wp_list_sort() and WP_List_Util in 4.7

WP_Taxonomy in 4.7

Fine grained capabilities for taxonomy terms in 4.7

WP_Hook: Next Generation Actions and Filters

Registering your settings in WordPress 4.7


But Wait, There is More!

Over 447 bugs, 165 enhancements, 8 feature requests, and 15 blessed tasks have been marked as fixed in WordPress 4.7. Some additional ones to highlight include:

  • Make media library searchable by file name (#22744)
  • Improved Custom Background Properties UI (#22058)
  • Hue-only Color Picker (#38263)
  • Fix Sections that .cannot-expand (#37980)
  • Allow Plugins to do Comprehensive Late Validation of Settings (#37638)

Please, test your code. Fixing issues now, before 4.7 is released, helps you and helps millions of WordPress sites.