Customize Update 2016-10-23

This is the weekly update post for the customize component. It includes a summary of this week’s meeting, recent commits, and next week’s meeting agenda.

4.7 Feature Proposals & Merges

Three proposal posts have been published and approved since our last update:

All five of the major customize feature projects proposed for WordPress 4.7 have been successfully merged (in order):

Work continues on follow up tickets for many of these projects. Please test everything in the customizer and report any bugs to trac. We still have a few pending enhancements that need to be completed by this Wednesday, 10/26, 4.7 beta 1, sorted by priority:

  1. #27403 Improve UI for linking areas of Customizer preview to corresponding controls (desktop and mobile) – has-patch, needs testing and adjustments
  2. #38263 Color picker: add a hue-only mode – has-patch, needed for Twenty Seventeen
  3. #28536 Add browser history and deep linking for navigation in Customizer preview – needs-patch punted
  4. #38164 Customize: assign static front page and posts page to new pages – has-patch
  5. #37964 Allow customizer controls to be encapsulated by accepting pre-instantiated settings – has-patch, needs adjustments
  6. #22058 Improve custom background properties UI – has-patch
  7. #29158 Customizer UI Design lacks contrast for visual hierarchy and does not match wp-admin – has-commit, has-patch for revisions

Weekly Customize Meetings

Our past two weekly meetings have focused on preparing our projects for commit. We’ll continue our weekly 4.7 meetings into beta and RC pending the volume of customize tickets remaining in the milestone. For this week’s meeting, our priority will be ensuring that the 7 remaining customize enhancements for 4.7, listed above, are committed before beta 1.

Our weekly update posts will continue on a reduced schedule now that the bulk of 4.7 development is complete, and we’ll also continue posting dev notes for changes in 4.7.

Recent Customize Commits

Here are the customize-related commits for the past two weeks:

  • [38765]: Customize: Ensure `customize_validate_{$setting->id}` filters apply on input post_values for WP_Customize_Setting subclasses that neglect to apply the filter themselves.
  • [38766]: Customize: Improve message displayed in widgets panel when there are no widget areas currently displayed in the preview.
  • [38767]: Customize: Show Pages section first and pre-expanded in list of available menu items.
  • [38794]: Customize: Move Pages below Custom Links in available nav menu items panel.
  • [38807]: Customize: Skip triggering initial click on pages section for available nav menu items if already open.
  • [38810]: Customize: Implement customized state persistence with changesets. 
  • [38811]: Customize: Split out link `click.preview` and form `submit.preview` event handlers…
  • [38813]: Customize: Introduce a new experience for discovering, installing, and previewing themes in the customizer.
  • [38829]: Customize: Introduce custom CSS for extending theme styles.
  • [38830]: Customize: Fix unit tests when `twentyfifteeen` is `WP_DEFAULT_THEME` instead of twentyfifteen.
  • [38831]: Customize: Improve the labeling of background and header images in the list mode of the media library.
  • [38837]: Twenty Seventeen: Fix a PHP warning on fresh installs.
  • [38850]: Tests: Prevent Twenty Seventeen from interfering with Customizer tests.
  • [38851]: Tests: Prevent Twenty Seventeen from interfering with Customizer ajax tests.
  • [38853]: Customize: Add sticky headers for panels and sections.
  • [38862]: Customize: Revert part of [38859] which caused sections to get deactivated in the customizer.
  • [38867]: Twenty Seventeen: Add theme support for customize selective refresh.
  • [38881]: Customize: Keep previously uploaded header images in place.

Big thanks to those who contributed to patches committed this week: @johnregan3, @celloexpressions, @folletto, @westonruter, @deltafactory, @coreymcollins, @desrosj, @pento, @delawski, @davidakennedy, @afercia, @karmatosed, @ryankienstra, @valendesigns, @utkarshpatel, @stubgo, @lgedeon, @ocean90, @mihai2u, @dlh, @aaroncampbell, @jonathanbardo, @jorbin.

We’re always looking for more contributors; check out the open customize tickets and swing by #core-customize in Slack to get involved. Tickets in the Future Release milestone will be considered first for 4.8 if they have a patch.

#4-7, #customize