Twenty Seventeen Meeting Notes: Oct. 21 2016

Here’s the meeting summary for this week. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments.



  • General theme update: The theme merged to Core this week, and now has a demo. The site pulls updates from trunk every 10 minutes. All GitHub issues remaining that needed to be addressed were ported to Trac.
  • In the tickets, there are a lot of small issues on different devices. I encourage everyone to test and help on those if you have the appropriate devices.
  • #38375: Flatten/rename TwentySeventeen directory structure: The group decided to keep the assets directory as is and rename `components` to template-parts. The ticket will be updated.
  • #38390: Twenty Seventeen: Playlists don’t render on blog/archive pages: The group decided the best option here for now is to update the core function get_media_embedded_in_content() to check to make sure there’s actually a src in the tag before pulling out content. The ticket will be updated. @joemcgill offered to help there.
  • The group discussed video headers some, #38172. A new patch has been added that helps mitigate large file sizes, but should be tested. Adding the functionality to add videos from a URL, like YouTube, would help this feature progress. It still needs more work though.
  • #38426: Twenty Seventeen: Improve user and developer experience with the customizer integration: This ticket needs to be addressed, but best to do it there since it covers a lot.


#4-7, #bundled-theme, #twenty-seventeen