Twenty Seventeen: Merge Proposal for 4.7

A note from @helen: Before we get into the proposal itself, I’d like to officially introduce its author, @davidakennedy, as a committer for bundled themes. We really should have done this ages ago, but now he’ll get to make a big splash with Twenty Seventeen. Congrats, David! 🎉


The team behind Twenty Seventeen has reached that point that we’re ready to propose Twenty Seventeen as the new default theme for WordPress in 4.7. It’s an ambitious theme that focuses on a creative home page and an easy site setup experience for users.

Like last year, with Twenty Sixteen, the development process happened on GitHub. The theme will be merged into WordPress from the beta period on, and development will move to Trac. Some remaining tickets will move over to Trac at that time.

Features of Twenty Seventeen

Created with the feedback on previous default themes in mind, and the desire to reach a new audience, Twenty Seventeen was designed for business websites. It offers:

  • multiple sections on the front page, selected in the Customizer.
  • a striking asymmetrical grid.
  • custom color schemes, built on top of a monochromatic foundation, and adjustable via a hue picker.
  • different headline placement for pages, changeable in the Customizer, via theme options.
  • a great experience in many languages, thanks to language-specific font stacks.
  • SVG icons (a first for a default theme).
  • support for custom logo, custom header image and many post formats.
  • the use of new functions in Core for making child theming easier.


As usual, a default theme couldn’t happen without the community. This year, Twenty Seventeen has benefited from 57 amazing contributors so far (up from 38 at this point last year). They have helped with:

  • triaging issues.
  • providing code reviews.
  • testing and recommending language specific font stacks.
  • improving the theme’s accessibility.
  • browser and device testing.
  • numerous bug fixes, code tidying and countless improvements.

Testing, Feedback and Next Steps

While contributors have tested Twenty Seventeen on various devices and browsers throughout the development process, edge cases still exist. Please test Twenty Seventeen in as many different environments as you can.

Until the merge deadline, contributors to Twenty Seventeen will work on the Core Merge milestone in GitHub, knocking out as many issues as possible.

A big thank you to everyone that has helped make Twenty Seventeen come to life.

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