Media Weekly Update (Oct 7)

This post serves to jump-start discussion before the weekly check in, which takes place in #core-images on SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at The next meeting is Friday, October 14 at 17:00 UTC and agenda for these meetings includes moving priority tasks forward, providing feedback on issues of interest, and reviewing media focused tickets on TracTrac An open source project by Edgewall Software that serves as a bug tracker and project management tool for WordPress..

Summary from last week

The last meeting was Friday, October 7 at 17:00 UTC. You can read the entire chat log in the #core-images channel on Slack.

Attendees: @karmatosed, @joemcgill, @mikeschroder, @swissspidy, @flixos90, @desrosj, @azaozz, @paaljoachim, @markoheijnen, @adamsilverstein, @jorbin, @designsimply

  • Media organization improvements:
    • @joemcgill opened up conversation about a feature project to start work on this, explaining that we have the chance to take a UIUI User interface/UXUX User experience first approach.
    • @karmatosed is going to head up the UI/UX side of things.
    • @joemcgill thinks the likely first step is exploration of base taxonomyTaxonomy A taxonomy is a way to group things together. In WordPress, some common taxonomies are category, link, tag, or post format. support, and a review on how it is currently broken with media.
    • @karmatosed asked all those interested in working on this to create sketches of their ideal media categorization flow for review by next week.
  • Add new coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. media widgetWidget A WordPress Widget is a small block that performs a specific function. You can add these widgets in sidebars also known as widget-ready areas on your web page. WordPress widgets were originally created to provide a simple and easy-to-use way of giving design and structure control of the WordPress theme to the user. (#32417)@joemcgill noted that the runway for 4.7 is ending, but work can continue for a future release. @designsimply to refresh the current patchpatch A special text file that describes changes to code, by identifying the files and lines which are added, removed, and altered. It may also be referred to as a diff. A patch can be applied to a codebase for testing. on the ticketticket Created for both bug reports and feature development on the bug tracker. by Monday (October 10), and may target images specifically as a first step (this is still missing a refreshed patch).
  • Rotate Full Size Images on Upload (#14459)@mikeschroder profiled this and found that while the clock time for checking and setting orientation is minimal, it took ~230ms for an iPhone 7-sized image to be rotated (total 5.6s resize time) on a shared test server. He thinks total resize time should be reduced before this is added, and that #37140 is a better step for 4.7. After discussion with @markoheijnen and @azaozz, consensus seems to be that benchmarking of upload vs manual rotation should be done to prove the UX case for #37140 over #14459.
  • Accents in attachment filenames should be sanitized (#22363)@joemcgill pointed out the new patch here from @gitlost, which looks promising. @swissspidy to take a look over the weekend (feedback is on ticket now, but could use more eyes).
  • Better PDF Upload Management (#31050) – Everyone likes this, but time running out for 4.6. @markoheijnen to target next patch by Wednesday (Oct 12) (this was moved out of the milestone, as it’s currently missing a refreshed patch).
  • Responsive images (srcset) can include images larger than the full size (#36477)@mikeschroder didn’t have time to performance test the patch. To do so shortly and post feedback on the ticket (feedback is on ticket now).

Agenda for the next meeting

This week, discussion will continue on priority projects for the 4.7 release. If you have specific tickets that you want to have discussed, feel free to leave a comment on this post or reach out on Slack in the #core-images channel.

Edit: Updated post per status on Wednesday, Oct 12.

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