Customize Update 2016-10-09

This is the weekly update post for the customize component. It includes a summary of this week’s meeting, recent commits, and next week’s meeting agenda.

4.7 Feature Proposals

The feature proposal for themes was published last week; the deadline for feedback/review is this Wednesday, October 12th:

Look for feature proposals for custom CSS and customize changesets (formerly “transactions”) this week.

Weekly Customize Meeting Summary

On Monday we held our weekly 4.7 customize component meeting in #core-customize on Slack [logs]. Participants: @celloexpressions, @braad, @aaroncampbell, @abdulwahab, @westonruter, @karmatosed, @folletto. This summary also contains a few notes on action since the meeting.

4.7 Projects

  • Customize changesets (transactions) – #30937 – @westonruter
  • Create pages within live preview during site setup – #37914#37915, #38002#38164 – @celloexpressions
    • @boonebgorges published a proposal for term statuses; however, this will likely happen in a future release, along with #37914 and #37915 (pending a final punt decision from Boone).
    • The design team decided to punt providing a path to edit newly-created pages, #38002.
    • The remaining item for 4.7 is #38164 – extending this functionality to creating new pages for static front pages. A design approach was agreed upon in the design chat, and the code can be lifted from the Customize Posts plugin to build this out.
  • A new experience for themes in the customizer – #37661 –@celloexpressions
    • The feature proposal was published, and there are currently no comments. See also the make/flow post and make/design post, which have some feedback.
    • Additional design issues and usability adjustments have been completed and frozen pending a couple of minor tweaks and major bugs.
    • The deadline for feedback from other teams is October 12th, leaving a week for final code review and commit. We’re awaiting feedback from security, docs, polyglots, flow (if any beyond what was provided on the post), and most notably accessibility with the latest patch.
  • Code-editing gateways, via CSS – #35395 – @johnregan3
    • @johnregan3 has prepared a new patch to incorporate the design by @folletto as well as the dev-feedback from last week’s chat. A few minor adjustments are needed, then this will be ready for final review and commit.
    • The feature proposal post is in review and should be published within the next day or two.
  • Customizer browser history#28536 – @westonruter
    • Parts of this are blocked by changesets, which is higher priority for now. Changesets also offer improvements here natively.
    • If it’s okay with @helen, we’s like to pursue this in the week before beta, after the major feature deadline, since it’s a smaller feature.
  • Improving sliding panels UI – #34391, #34343, #29158 – @delawski
    • An initial commit is in trunk, dev note published, and only a few minor bugs have come up so far.
    • @delawski shared a patch for #34343 that needs testing. We discussed pursuing #35186 as an alternative in the future, but that it would cause compatibility issues since the default section markup would (probably) change.
    • @folletto propsed a design for the remaining elements of #29158, which @celloexpressions will create a new patch for next week.
  • Twenty Seventeen – a few related projects are targeting 4.7 with significant customize changes
    • #27403: Improve UI for linking areas of Customizer preview to corresponding controls (desktop and mobile)
    • #37974: Add multi-panel feature to pages through add_theme_support
    • #38172: Enable Video Headers in Custom Headers

Additional Tickets Needing Attention

  • Customizer notifications – #35210 – needs UX feedback and a patch
    • @delawski will try to work on this in time for 4.7.
    • This ticket is holding up some of the other tickets on the 4.7 milestone, such as #22037 and #29932, as well as aspects of changesets (transactions).

Ticket Scrub

We ensured that all 4.7 customize non-bugs have owners or were punted. See these remaining open tickets by owner here.

Recent Customize Commits

Here are the customize-related commits for the past week:

  • [38709] Customize: Improve the widgets and menu items search
  • [38742] Customize: Add workaround for Safari bug causing preview frame to be unscrollable via mousewheel after a refresh.

Big thanks to those who contributed to patches committed this week: @ryankienstra, @melchoyce, @afercia, @westonruter, @tristangemus.

We’re always looking for more contributors; check out the open customize tickets and swing by #core-customize in Slack to get involved. Fun fact: we’re 5 commits away from the 1000th commit that references customize.

Agenda for 2016-10-10 Meeting

Our next regularly-scheduled meeting is Monday, October 10, 2016, 17:00 UTC. Agenda:

4.7 Projects

Additional Tickets Needing Attention

  • #37335: Standardized API for themes to add info/links to the customizer
    • If the theme review team wants this solution in core for 4.7, we need a decision on their end in the next week. Otherwise, the ticket can be closed as maybelater. Their current recommendation is to use a custom section (that cannot expand). cc @greenshady

Ticket Scrub

We’ll see you next week!

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