Twenty Seventeen Features Meeting Notes: Oct. 4 2016

Here’s the summary for this week. The meeting was busy, so feel free to add anything missed in the comments.



The group:

  • discussed #37974 (Add multi-panel feature to pages through add_theme_support) for the majority of the meeting. The goal was to find a minimum viable product that could be developed in the time left.
  • decided to shoot for this feature to be 1. limited to the front page only. 2. exist in the Customizer 3. provide basic markup, created by Core.
  • decided this story board stood out as the strongest to be iterated on and mocked up as a design.
  • decided live preview in the Customizer wasn’t critical at the current time.
  • @helen and I will work on marshaling people to help with the project.
  • @karmatosed will work on the initial mock-up of the feature.
  • briefly discussed #38172 (Enable video headers in custom headers) It also needs to have a minimum viable product defined and those interested were encouraged to comment on the ticket with that in mind.
  • brought up #19627, and that could be worked on but it’s not a priority over the other major features for Twenty Seventeen.

Next steps

  • For Add multi-panel feature to pages through add_theme_support, the mock up will be created and developers are needed to work on it.
  • For Enable video headers in custom headers, a clearer scope needs defining and more developers are needed to work on it. A basic patch exists for this ticket. 

Call for help

Twenty Seventeen needs you. Home pages should be fun to create and a heck of a lot easier. Headers can be even more captivating. If you’re interested in working on either of these projects, please let me or @helen know.

#4-7, #bundled-theme, #twenty-seventeen