Media Weekly Update (Sept 30)

This post serves to jump-start discussion before the weekly check in, which takes place in #core-images on Slack. The next meeting is Friday, October 7 at 17:00 UTC and agenda for these meetings includes moving priority tasks forward, providing feedback on issues of interest, and reviewing media focused tickets on Trac.

Summary from last week

The last meeting was Friday, September 30 at 17:00 UTC. You can read the entire chat log in the #core-images channel on Slack.

Attendees: @joemcgill, @mikeschroder, @swissspidy, @flixos90, @azaozz

  • Unexpected change to media title behavior in WP 4.6.1 (#37989)@joemcgill noted that @sergey found a fix for the remaining UTF-8 issues and it has been committed to trunk, but needs to be backported still. @joemcgill working on getting this done. Test please!
  • Downscale to only smaller images with srcset (#36477) – It looks like a true fix is not likely to land in 4.7, since this would have likely been part of changing the way WordPress handles full size images. @mikeschroder and @joemcgill to test the current patch for performance and SSIM.
  • Better PDF thumbnails (#31050)@markoheijnen was not able to attend, but previously noted that he is continuing work on this for a week or two to try to make 4.7.
  • WordPress image’s title is not alt (#34635)@joemcgill chatted with the Accessibility team about this, and the suggestion is that WordPress should no longer guess at an appropriate alt if the user hasn’t explicitly added one. He notes that this shouldn’t be that difficult to patch, but the change will need to be well communicated.
  • image_send_to_editor filter is not fired when an Image is edited or replaced in TinyMCE (#34823) – Based on @adamsilverstein‘s feedback, it looks like the ticket should be closed, as there’s a different filter intended for this purpose.
  • Usage of image_size_names_choose breaks JS attachment model attributes (#34981) – Chatted about a bit of background. @azaozz took a look and posted a new patch for review.
  • Sanitize accents in attachment filenames (#22363) – From @gitlost’s comments, it looks like there are fixes in remove_accents() necessary that should happen first, and would likely fix the base bug here. His work on it is mostly in #24661. @mikeschroder to dig into the progress of Safari’s support of these filenames. Feedback from those who have strong knowledge in UTF/character encodings would be appreciated.
  • Rotate Full Size Images on Upload (#14459 and #37140) – Would rather not destroy EXIF/IPTC in full size images (with GD), so may be better to fix this in Imagick first. Needs performance testing. Comment left on ticket.
  • Add new core media widget (#32417) – No updates here. May not be 4.7 at this point, but @joemcgill reaching out to @designsimply for status.
  • Media organization improvements:
    • Make media library searchable by filename (#22744) – @joemcgill added a patch to fix a JOIN issue found by @flixos90. Please continue testing this, especially with large media libraries.
    • @flixos90 opened a GitHub repo to work on media taxonomies/UI, and is organizing a feature project around it. @joemcgill suggests an initial meeting with @karmatosed for high level direction, followed by changes in the plugin, or core directly where appropriate.

Agenda for the next meeting

This week, discussion will continue on priority projects for the 4.7 release. If you have specific tickets that you want to have discussed, feel free to leave a comment on this post or reach out on Slack in the #core-images channel.

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