Dev Chat Summary: September 7 (4.7 week 3)

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from September 7th (agenda, Slack archive).

Update on 4.6.1

Updates on Components and Features

  • Media via @joemcgill
    • #22744 – a few approaches on this ticket that are pretty close, but some feedback that would be helpful
      • To enable searching for filenames, we have to add a JOIN for the meta table, which has performance implications
      • so a) we could use more eyes/testing and b) I want to make sure we’re ok to add this if we limit it to only the media library
      • We have a couple approaches in patches. The latest limits it only to the media modal and WP_Media_List tables.
      • on a site with ~14k attachments and ~18k posts, this change increased the main query time from 60.7ms to 187.6ms
      • Plan is to drop it in for including titles in library searches and see how that goes
    • Looking for interest in getting the media widget started back up
      • @sheri has expressed interest and it seems like previous efforts got fairly close. Would love to see folks interested jump back onto that project during this release.
      • discussion will be in our weekly meeting in #core-images on Fridays at 19:00 UTC. There is a jump-start post so people can comment there or jump into the #core-images channel.
  • Customize via @celloexpressions
    • Two items needing review:
      • 1) ability to preview terms in the customizer, which would enable users to build menus incorporating their new taxonomy term structure on initial site setup in the customizer. See #37914 and #37915. We need to come up with a plan with those interested in the taxonomy component, and @boone in particular. First step there is to decide if we want to try to target 4.7 for first steps there.
      • 2) #37661 needs feedback. Working on a user testing plan together with @karmatosed soon. Looking for specific feedback or testing.
  • REST API via @krogsgard
    • Notes from Monday’s meeting
    • Calls for help would be participation in our next weekly meeting, 1400 UTC on Monday, and a bug scrub 1400 UTC on Thursday, both via #core-restapi
    • some in-flight work this week that’s being a bit delayed by the participation of Ryan and Joe in A Day of REST
    • We have big documentation needs in the v2 docs repo if anyone wants to play along, especially anybody who wants to set up a multi-language-code-snippet thing that we could use
    • meta and options are both moving well but we’ll need to start getting beyond theory and into code pretty soon
    • We really, really want to talk to component maintainers! It’s my job to reach out to you all, and you can also reach out to me (@krogsgard).
  • I18N via @swissspidy
    • #26511 (switch_to_locale()) and #29783 (User Admin Language)
      • Those are currently in development and after I upload new patches today/tomorrow, I’d love to see some testing.
      • Think of possibilities like: The admin bar is shown in Dutch while the rest of the site is shown in English.
    • #20491 (Introduce some JavaScript i18n functions)
      • We want to make translating strings in JavaScript files easier. Like in PHP files, one should be able to use gettext functions to translate strings. This involves changes to the platform and therefore requires thorough discussion, planning, and testing.
      • After tackling this topic many times and attending the GlotPress meeting yesterday, it’s clear that it’s a task covering not just 1 release. Thus, we’ll likely have to do regular meetings here in Slack to get there.
  • Fields API via @sc0ttkclark
    • looking into slimming down our Fields API proposal into a MVP form for our core proposal
    • blocked by lack of time because i’m also lead organizing WCDFW this month
    • I could use lots of eyes on it, we want to identify anything that might be out of scope, as well as look into what our plan will be for the Javascript side of things for fields like the Media modal
  • #36964 (Show/hide the tag-cloud on `edit-tags.php` admin pages using a filter) via @ramiy
    • it has a patch, ready to be commited
  • #17817 (do_action/apply_filters/etc. recursion on same filter kills underlying call) via @ocean90
    • Landed!
  • #37198 (Use `WP_Term_Query` for `wp_get_object_terms()`) via @flixos90
    • Would like some eyes on this.
    • The patch is two months old now, but generally worked and passed unit tests when I did it – I think feedback is needed before this moves forward though.
  • Topics & folks with no updates this week:

Twenty Seventeen

  • Announcement post is up
  • This will be a call for help on both the theme and theme API fronts as noted last week, and thoughts on what sorts of theme API things will be needed to support the theme (there will be a number noted in the post).
  • For a little bit of a preview, some of the things that should be looked at are better page-on-front flows, making it easier to figure out where to edit something while live previewing (aka customizer), and how we can help people see how the theme can really serve their needs well (when relevant).
  • There will be *a lot* of opportunity for UX and UI when it comes to the core side of things, and of course front-end development with the theme itself. And lots and lots of our traditional PHP and JS development.

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