Say Hello to Twenty Seventeen 👋🏽

It’s that time again: time to build a new default theme for WordPress!

WordPress 4.7 will launch with a brand new theme – Twenty Seventeen. Designed by Mel Choyce (@melchoyce), Twenty Seventeen sports a modern look and will make a good base for any business website or product showcase.


Check out the gallery below to preview our next default theme at full-size:

(Higher resolution mockups)

In addition to having a wide appeal, Twenty Seventeen will focus on providing a seamless initial theme setup so anyone can set up a website for themselves or their business with minimal hassle.

Twenty Seventeen aims to show off some new core features and enhancements, such as:

  • A better flow for using a static page as your front page.
  • Visible edit icons in the Customizer, replacing the current hidden shift+click method.
  • Expanding custom header images to include video (think: atmospheric video headers!).
  • Dummy content for live previews.

Mel will keep an eye on all things design during the creation of Twenty Seventeen. Laurel Fulford (@laurelfulford) and David Kennedy (@davidakennedy) will assist her, leading the theme’s development. Lots of opportunities exist this year for getting involved with Twenty Seventeen – we need your help, and lots of it! 🙏🏽

Backing up the Twenty Seventeen team will be a team focusing on the core Themes API. This team is looking for new and experienced core developers with theme experience to help lead and contribute to specific features.

Similar to feature projects, the initial development of the theme will be on GitHub. Once it’s usable and stable, the theme will be merged into core and the GitHub repo will be deprecated. After it’s merged, all issues should be reported to Trac.

Twenty Seventeen will also use plain CSS — it won’t use preprocessors in the development of the theme. This will keep it simple, making the theme easier for everyone to understand, quicker for anyone to modify and better to maintain in the long run.

Throughout the process of building Twenty Seventeen, the team will be collaborating with the Theme Review Team and the core development team to make sure it is up to core standards.

How can you get involved?

There will be weekly meetings every Friday at 18:00 UTC in #core-themes starting today. During that time, the focus will be on the theme itself. If you are interested in contributing, keep an eye out here for updates or join us in #core-themes in Slack.

If you have some early thoughts on what would make this a great WordPress experience, or if you’re generally interested in participating, sound off in the comments. Please hold any design feedback for Friday’s meeting. where we can have a conversation about it in greater depth.

Want to know more about default themes?

Here are some links where you can find out more about past default themes:

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