Customize Update – 2016-09-08

This is the weekly update post for the customize component. It includes a summary of this week’s meeting, recent commits, and next week’s meeting agenda.

Weekly Customize Meeting Summary

On Monday we held our weekly 4.7 customize component meeting in #core-customize on Slack [logs]. Participants: @paaljoachim, @celloexpressions, @westonruter, @johnregan3, @clorith, @melchoyce. This summary also contains a few notes on action since the meeting.

4.7 Projects

  • Create page-based nav menus without leaving live preview – #37914#37915, #37916@celloexpressions
    • These follow up tickets are largely pending feedback from the Taxonomy component. We need to work with @boone to come up with master plan for previewing terms, and determine whether we can realistically add term-creating support in menus in 4.7.
    • @boone has this on his list for later this week.
    • We need one more follow up ticket to provide users with a path to adding content to newly-created pages; currently there is another usability dead end here (see #38002).
  • A new experience for themes in the customizer – #37661 –@celloexpressions
    • I added shiny updates and deletion, as well as refining the UI for users that can’t install themes this weekend, and posted a new patch. Also explored reviews, and we’ll need API support from .org if we want to load them inline in the future.
    • Only major development task remaining is shiny theme upload.
    • We discussed whether it might make sense to delete/uninstall themes if a user previews them and then moves on. Need to explore user expectations here as part of the testing and feedback processes, as this would be a change from the current core behavior.
    • @karmatosed had some trouble getting the style changes from the patch, once that’s resolved we’ll start the user testing and design iteration process.
    • @aaroncampbell is interested in helping out here. For everyone interested, please start looking at/testing the patch and reporting issues or ideas on the ticket or in #core-customize.
  • Code-editing gateways, via CSS – #35395 – @johnregan3
    • @johnregan3 brought up in the ticket, based on input from @joyously that it might make sense to allow theme-independent styles. We reached a consensus that theme-specific styles are more important for core for now, and plugins can add additional global CSS options. We can revisit this for core in the future.
    • @johnregan3 has created a code editor control leveraging the CodeMirror library that’s also used by Jetpack. The Custom CSS setting now saves to a post, and he’s working on updating the post when the customizer is saved. He shared an initial patch for review later this week.
  • Customizer browser history#28536 – @westonruter
    • No updates
  • Customize transactions#30937 – @westonruter
    • No updates
  • Refactoring sliding panels UI – #34391 – @delawski
    • @delawski has posted an updated patch for review. We’d like to get a first patch in soon so there’s plenty of time to test compatibility with third-party custom sections.
    • #34343 is related to improving the sliding panel experience, and @delawski is working on that next for 4.7.

Not every project needs to have an update every week; the primary purpose of our meetings is to make sure that no one gets stuck and to provide group feedback/decisions as needed. With about a month and a half before the merge deadline for 4.7, all of our 4.7-targeted projects are still on track for that milestone.

Future Release Project Updates

  • Customize Posts
    • @westonrtuer brought up an issue with adding a post parent control that let to an implementation of the dropdown-pages control that leverages Select2. This improvement could be implemented in the core control in 4.7. There is a feature plugin called Customize Object Selector that replaces the dropdown-pages control with this scalable multi-select control for the page on front and page for posts controls.
    • @clorith pointed out that accessibility concerns had previously stalled implementations of Select2 in core. We pinged @afercia to have the accessibility team review whether there are still issues with the newest version of Select2. Unfortunately, it has significant accessibility problems and the maintainers haven’t shown interest in resolving the.
    • We also discussed that work on Customize Posts has developed most of what’s needed to use JS templates for the base WP_Customize_Control UI. This will be implemented in #30738 for 4.7, along with support for setting values that are objects.

Additional Tickets Needing Attention

  • Improving contrast and UI consistency in the customizer – #29158needs-testing
    • @clorith really likes it and @westonruter thinks it looks nice but doesn’t have strong feelings. With no objections from the customize component, we’re waiting for the design team to approve or suggest additional revisions.
    • Discussed during the design meeting, and pending patch testing we’ll get the initial pieces in and continue iterating.
  • Improve custom background properties UI – #22058 – needs additional feedback on the latest proposal, and a patch. Also needs design decisions.
  • Appropriate means for themes to add top-level promotional links – #37335– needs input from theme review team
    • They discussed in their meeting last week, and it’s now pending additional investigation of alternative approaches for theme developers. We’ll follow up with the theme review team in a few weeks.
    • In the meantime, the theme review team is no longer allowing links to be added by injecting markup into the DOM with JS.
  • Customizer notifications – #35210 – needs UX feedback and a patch
    • @westonrtuer added clarifications to the ticket, and @afercia provided accessibility feedback there as well. We should be able to implement the accessibility changes, so we’re currently waiting for design feedback again.

Ticket Scrub

We reviewed the enhancement tickets in the Future Release milestone that have a patch.

  • #34747: Provide more flexibility for “You are customizing” text
    • This is pending the direction of the sticky-headers discussion, but we’re not all convinced that it should be able to be customized on the top level (it can already be changed in sections and panels).
  • #18584: Nav menus need more hooks for extensibility (on admin page & in customizer)
    • #30738 will introduce functionality that will help enable saving custom menu item fields. Once that’s in place, we can revisit how the API would work for plugin developers and determine whether there’s still time to get it in for 4.7.
  • #36175: Simplify the Customizer Image Control action buttons
    • We need to come up with an accessible solution and make sure the experience is consistent across the various media controls.
    • @melchoyce doesn’t want to continue owning the ticket for now but will take a look again later in the 4.7 cycle.
  • #31334: Customizer JS API should handle container removal from document
    • I had forgotten about this ticket and commented about this issue on #30741 recently.
    • We discussed the potential issues with using jQuery.remove(), and could potentially use jQuery.detatch() instead. However, menus and widget currently use remove() in core, so we should standardize the behavior and incorporate it into the API.
  • #32296: Allow the customizer to be made wider
    • I suggested that we likely won’t make a major change here until we make major changes to the customizer UI in general. However, there is a patch that makes the customizer proportionally wider on large desktop screens, and that could easily happen for 4.7 if others are okay with this approach in the interim.
  • #33064: Customizer: form inputs need a way to have hidden labels
    • I’m somewhat uncomfortable with adding a new class variable for this, and doing that means we also need to update all children of WP_Customize_Control to support it in core. However, this is an important feature to support in the API, so we’d like to get it in for 4.7.
  • #21627: Filter for custom-background CSS selector
    • This ticket seems to have been forgotten about, but adds a lot of flexibility to the custom background feature and would be nice for 4.7 alongside #22058. Moved to the 4.7 milestone.

Recent Customize Commits

Here are the customize-related commits for the past week:

  • [38513]: Customize: Fix php warning due to WP_Customize_Manager::prepare_setting_validity_for_js() incorrectly assuming that WP_Error will only ever have arrays in its $error_data.
  • [38520]: Accessibility: Improve the Customizer and Theme Installer initial focus.
  • [38577]: Customize: Prevent widget previewing logic from building invalid jQuery selectors when sidebars are registered without a class name in before_widget.

Big thanks to those who contributed to patches committed this week: @westonruter, @dlh, @afercia.

We’re always looking for more contributors; check out the open customize tickets and swing by #core-customize in Slack to get involved.

Agenda for 2016-09-12 Meeting

Our next regularly-schedule meeting is next Monday, September 12, 2016, 17:00UTC. Agenda:

4.7 Projects

Additional Tickets Needing Attention

  • Improving contrast and UI consistency in the customizer – #29158 – needs-testing
  • Improve custom background properties UI – #22058 – needs additional feedback on the latest proposal, and a patch
  • Customizer notfications – #35210 – needs UX feedback and a patch

Ticket Scrub

  • Identify tickets ready for commit consideration, and 4.7 milestoning from future release bugs with a patch.
  • We’ll pick a different query to triage each week. For example, bugs awaiting review (need verification).

We’ll see you next week!

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