Dev Chat Summary: August 31 (4.7 week 2)

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from August 31st (agenda, Slack archive).

Holidays & Scheduling

  • Reminder to announce meeting moves or cancellations (e.g., Monday is US Labor Day holiday, Monday after is Eid al Adha)

Update on 4.6.1

#36335: Autoloader and #37699: Globals

  • Discussion framing: see these as being feature projects in their own right, examples of when features can’t be actual plugins and why it’s better to think of them as projects. How can these be worked on effectively?
  • Discussion:
    • New project on GitHub that’s a clone of the WP Git repo
    • grunt patch allows you to use GitHub PR URLs, which can help facilitate testing for people that prefer using SVN or are using SVN for their trunk installs.
    • Trac + SVN workflow seems to work best when we’re dealing with patches and discussion leading to an individual commit; is probably a pretty poor option without some additional tools.
    • Creating feature branches for wide-ranging work seems to be a better fit and allows for less churn of the code in trunk at the same time as other major work.
    • Nice to review & collaborate on a big feature on a GitHub feature branch as opposed to wrangling conflicting and amending patches on Trac
  • Suggestion to @wonderboymusic: fork @jorbin‘s GitHub mirror, use GH issues and develop in various branches as makes sense (or even separate forks entirely if issues become unwieldy across very different projects), and use PRs to run existing CI setup. PRs can then be used as patches in grunt patch
    • If treated as a feature project, all of that project’s management happens wherever the lead feels best serves that project. There should also be weekly meetings with updates posted on Make/Core. @wonderboymusic to determine a meeting time and post about it next week.
    • @wonderboymusic@helen in agreement on approach; GitHub repo created
  • Related question: How do we determine what sort of tasks should be feature projects? Who decides that? And when?
    • Some things to think about – is it a lot of churn? Does it need to span multiple releases and/or is it a “done when it’s done” process? Is there a lot of design and user testing involved? They exist whenever somebody has a thing they believe belongs in core and wants to run with it in that way. Getting feedback is an evolving process.

4.7 Project/Feature Proposals

  • Goal: come out of this with the start of a list of projects and a point person for that project, to be fleshed out with more participants and meeting times over the next week.
  • @johnbillion – HTTPS
  • @celloexpressions – Customize component project & owner
    • Create page-based nav menus without leaving live preview – #34923@celloexpressions (follow up tickets forthcoming)
    • A new experience for themes in the customizer – #37661@celloexpressions
    • Code-editing gateways, via CSS – #35395@johnregan3
    • Customizer browser history – #28536@westonruter
    • Refactoring sliding panels UI – #34391@delawski
    • (maybe) Customize transactions (with no UI) – #30937@westonruter
    • will track all of the Customize projects with the weekly Customize component meetings and Make/Core posts usually posted on Thursdays starting this week
  • @krogsgard – REST API
    • had a productive start on Monday and will have a summary up shortly
  • @boonebgorges – #20875
    • work with cache drop-in authors so that we can start leveraging across WP
  • @davidakennedy – #19627
  • @helen – there needs to be a dedicated theming API/support team because there will be a Twenty Seventeen; actual details on that next week. There will need to be really robust teams on both the theme and theme support pieces, likely with subteams even.
    • @karmatosed: splitting core themes as a bucket for all theme into, core themes and theme functionality
    • @helen: noting that theme functionality will spill over into other components (media seems incredibly likely)
    • @themiked: interested in theming work, on the API/support side if that’s whats needed
  • @joemcgill – Media focus candidate & owner; will shepherd these through regular #core-images meetings
  • @azaozz – will publish “4.7 editor wishlist” by the end of the week
    • to include Nonce refresh/saving without page reload, and few others
  • @sc0ttkclark – Fields API

Ways YOU Can Help!

  • Please comment below if there are things that didn’t get mentioned that you’d like to lead.
  • Design help and user test coordination (alongside @karmatosed) desired on #37661 by @celloexpressions, please respond if you’re open to help on this.

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