Media Kickoff Meeting for 4.7

We’re planning to have weekly meetings in the #core-images Slack channel throughout the 4.7 release cycle. The kickoff meeting is set for today, August 26, at 19:00 UTC. We will use these meetings to keep projects moving forward and to discuss any priority tickets that require discussion.

Meeting Agenda

The main purpose of the kickoff meeting is to identify the priority projects for 4.7 and to determine who is available to work on those projects. We will also review the current meeting schedule to see if a different time would be better for those wanting to be involved.

Potential Focus Areas for 4.7

  • Improve media library management (#22744, explore default taxonomy structure, UX issues)
  • Better PDF management (#31050)
  • Create a standard WP_Image or WP_Attachment class (#23424)
  • Better optimization of full size images (#37840).
  • Core media widget (#32417)
  • Address HTTPS issues with media (#34109, #25449, #35182, etc.)
  • Improve responsive image defaults.
  • Support responsive images in WP_Customize_Media_Control (#36191)
  • Support responsive images in the editor.

Wishlist Tickets

Additional issues that were mentioned in the comments of the 4.7 wishlist post include:

  • Return option for media_sideload_image()  (#19629)
  • Add hook in wp_ajax_save_attachment() for additional attachment fields (#23148)
  • Updating link URL on image within admin with gallery (#13429)
  • Accents in attachment filenames should be sanitized (#22363)
  • Reconsider SVG inclusion to get_allowed_mime_types (#24251)
  • Dynamic image sizes in the editor (#35094)
  • Paste images into content area (#27970)
  • Add a drop zone to the the featured image meta box.
  • Revisit the Image Flow project.
  • Improve documentation/instruction for the WP media modal.
  • Address inconsistencies in the media library UI (see comment).


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