This Week in 4.6: August 8 – 14

This is the jump-start post for the sixteenth week of the WordPress 4.6 release cycle. T minus 9 days until release day. ⏳

There was no second release candidate last week due to a high number of bug reports. 😞 We can only release a RC if there are no known issues.

The next slot for a release candidate is this Wednesday at 18:00 UTC. Our target until then is to get the ticket count in the 4.6 milestone down to 0. To hit this goal we currently have to work on 0 open tickets. Depending on how fast the tickets are closed a RC can be released earlier.

(This post gets updated on ticket changes.)

Priority tickets this week:

  • Shiny Updates
    • #37563: On page updates: Bulk actions FTP dismissal issues (needs-review, needs-sign-off)
    • #37504: Update message displays unstyled in plugins list (needs-review, needs-sign-off)
    • #37598: Fix plugin/theme delete/install success hook inconsistency (needs-review, needs-sign-off)
    • #37603. Missing visual feedback when deleting themes/plugins (needs-review)
    • #37623: Import screen: Success message contains escaped HTML (needs-commit)
  • Bootstrap/Load
    • #36819: Load plugin.php earlier in wp-settings.php (needs-sign-off)
  • Administration
    • #37594: Quick Draft dashboard widget toggle button contains escaped HTML (needs-commit)
    • #37246: 4.6 About Page (needs-feedback)
  • Editor
    • #37481: TinyMCE: the inline toolbar position is off (needs-patch)
  • Canonical
    • #36602: Improvement to redirect_canonical with category permalink (needs-commit)
  • Multisite
    • #37607: get_site() does not return the current site when multisite is in a switched state (needs-commit)
  • Media
    • #37570: Parameter 1 to wp_handle_upload_error() expected to be a reference, value given (needs-feedback)
  • Test/Build Tools
    • #37625: Add PHP 7.1 to tested versions in Travis (needs-discussion) (punted)
  • Upgrader
    • #37628: Wrong file name for WP_Automatic_Updater

4.6 status meetings:

From today on we’ll have a status meeting on each day (Monday-Friday) until the release of WordPress 4.6. Each meeting will be at 20:00 UTC in the #core channel on Slack. We’ll use these meetings to check report/6 for any issues and to discuss/prioritize/assign tickets if necessary.

The dates:

Committers, component maintainers and current ticket owners are encouraged to attend these meetings.

#4-6, #jump-starts