This Week in 4.6: August 1 – 7

This is the jump-start post for the fifteenth week of the WordPress 4.6 release cycle. T minus 16 days until release day. ⏳

The second release candidate will land on Wednesday at 18:00 UTC. Our target until then is to get the ticket count in the 4.6 milestone down to 0. To hit this goal we have to work on 6 tickets.

Priority tickets this week:

  • Shiny Updates
    • #37531: Plugin installation failure not reflected in the UI (needs-owner, needs-patch)
    • #37504: Update message displays unstyled in plugins list (needs-owner, needs-testing)
    • #37514: Remove/enhance console.error() calls (needs-owner, needs-refresh)
  • Customize
    • #36795: Accessibility improvements for new menu edit flow (needs-testing, needs-sign-off)
    • #37503: Requests doesn’t pass through custom methods in cURL transport (needs-testing, needs-dev-feedback)
  • About Page
    • #37246: Commit first pass to trunk (needs-refresh)

Meetings this week:

Bug Scrubs

Weekly Chats

Notable updates from last week

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