Dev Chat Summary: July 13th, 2016

WordPress 4.6 Beta 3 and the future.

  • Beta 3 was released today. Please test and report bugs on Trac.
  • There will be one more beta and some RCs, each released at 18:00 UTC like beta 3 was.

Dev notes

  • Thanks to everyone who published their notes or are still working on them. All but two (one for the HTTP API and one for the editor ) have been completed and published.
  • 15 dev notes have already been published for this release.
  • The published posts can be found here:
  • Posts that need to be written can be found here:
  • The goal is to have the remaining two published by Monday.

Ticket milestones

The goal for beta 3 was 40 tickets, and at the time of release there were currently 36 open tickets on the milestone.

For the remaining releases, the number of open tickets should be as follows:

  • Beta 4: 10 tickets
  • RC1: 0 tickets

The tickets left on the milestone can be found here:!closed&milestone=4.6&groupdesc=1&group=type&order=priority

About page

  • #37246 is the corresponding ticket and the brainstorming document can be found here.
  • The first draft of content, written by @jorbin, has been completed. Please take a look at the document and leave some feedback.
  • Everyone is invited to help with the about page.

Feature project updates

Register Meta

Font Natively

  • GitHub has recently switched over to using system fonts as well.
  • There is an open issue with bubbles and tabs (see this comment) that needs to be resolved.
  • There is patch for the tabs: If you have time, please test it with different fonts, and report back on the ticket with results.
  • @helen mentioned there are outstanding issues with perceived smaller font size, Ubuntu font suitability, and minor alignment details.

Shiny Updates

  • There is only one remaining ticket (#37233) which needs some testing.

Component announcements/updates and Open discussion

  • @ocean90 (the 4.6 release lead) reminded developers to assign good-first-bug tickets to patch contributors to ensure they’re marked as “claimed” in the Good First Bugs report.
  • @ocean90 also reminded component maintainer who cannot add the commit keyword or change the milestone of a ticket, to ping him to fix that.
  • @ocean90 also asked for help with two tickets for PHP 7.1 compatibility, #37295 and #36435.
  • In the Media component, @joemcgill asked for additional testing assistance with #34384 to try to uncover any edge cases that aren’t covered if possible. If none are found, the plan is to commit the latest patch (or similar) later this week.
  • Additionally in the Media component, @joemcgill asked for anyone with more experience with the internals of wpMediaElement,  to help with #36735.
  • @boonebgorges is planning a minor update to wordpress-importer in the next week or two, specifically for supporting termmeta #37213 and may also fix a couple of minor issues with PHP errors, deprecated function calls, etc. Help putting together or testing the minor update is welcome.
  • There was brief discussion on the plugin/theme update preview sandbox feature suggestion (#37301).
    • @jorbin pointed out that there’s an issue with plugins that do database updates during upgrade routines between versions, and it isn’t clear how the feature would deal with that.
    • It was proposed that a second copy of the database tables would be used for the sandbox feature (using a separate prefix as the main tables), with the downside of doubling the size of the database.

The full meeting logs can be found here:

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