Dev Chat Summary: July 6th, 2016

WordPress 4.6 Beta 1 and 2 and the future.

  • Beta 2 was released today. Please test and report bugs on Trac.
  • There will be two more betas and some RCs, each released at 18:00 UTC like beta 2 was.

Dev notes

  • Thanks to everyone who published their note today or is still working on it.
  • The published posts can be found here:
  • Posts that need to be written can be found here:

Ticket milestones

For the remaining releases, the number of open tickets should be as follows:

  • Beta 3: 40 tickets
  • Beta 4: 10 tickets
  • RC1: 0 tickets

About page

  • #37246 is the corresponding ticket and the brainstorming document can be found here.
  • @hugobaeta and @karmatosed volunteered to help with design.
  • @jorbin will come up with a rough draft for the content of the page.
  • @joemcgill volunteered to help get responsive images into the page.

Feature project updates

Font Natively

There is currently an issue with the Windows system font. It displays smaller than previously. @helen and @jorbin are working on the best path forward. If further action is needed and you are a Windows user, please help test any patches/commits related to font sizing.

Shiny Updates

  • There are 4 open tickets regard Shiny Updates.
  • There are some issues with the Shiny Plugin Search feature and some discussion and a patch has been produced, but the design team needs to weigh in as there could be some UX/UI changes needed.
  • The dev-note for Shiny Updates will be published shortly after dev chat.
  • Shiny Updates V3 has kicked off, with the main focus being on update-core.php.

Component announcements/updates and Open discussion

@spacedmonkey brought up #37189, but it is considered an enhancement and the enhancement window has closed for 4.6.

The full meeting logs can be found here:

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