Dev Chat Notes: June 29, 2016

Feature Freeze and WordPress 4.6 Beta 1

As of today, trunk is closed to all new features and enhancements for the 4.6 release cycle.

During the meeting, attendees talked over the 4 remaining tickets and got them committed/punted/closed as needed.

Dev notes

Currently, only one dev note has been written. If you helped contribute to a significant feature or bugfix (or if you are great at writing articles), please write a dev note. If you don’t have the proper permissions on Make/Core, please work with someone who does.

You can find a list of improvements that need dev notes here.
You can find a guide to writing posts here:

Feature project updates

Font Natively

The only remaining items is that a dev-note needs to be written and a coding standards commit needs to take place before release.

Shiny Updates

There are a few remaining tickets that need to be fixed during the next couple weeks.

Component announcements/updates & Open discussion

The XML-RPC endpoint on Trac now accepts attachments from all users, which means grunt upload_patch:XXX where XXX is a ticket number should work for everyone. Props @jorbin, @nacin.


The full chat logs can be found here:

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