Dev Chat Summary: June 15th 2016

This post summarizes the weekly dev meeting on June 15th, 2016.

Update on WordPress 4.5.3

Still targeting Tuesday, June 21st 2016 at 14:00 UTC.

Feature project updates

Font Natively

@helen updated the system fonts ticket with screenshots of the test page. The ticket still needs a few more screenshots and a patch for font-weight.

Directly after the meeting @coderste submitted a patch for the remaining font-weight issues.

Shiny Updates

The results of Monday’s Shiny Updates meeting gave a partial merge approval. The commit was made today [37714]. Congratulations to the Shiny Updates team and all who were involved in any way. @swissspidy is going to lead the project for the rest of the cycle.

Dev notes and initial field guide planning

The Field Guide is an effort that the Core Team make each release to inform developers about important changes in the release. The Field Guide is made up of links to individual posts known as dev notes. Dev notes include things like new features, changes to watch for, and potential areas for breakage. As an example, here is the Field Guide for 4.5:

Please note: dev notes do NOT need to be written by committers. Someone can work with first time authors to help them feel comfortable writing a post. If you would like to contribute to the 4.6 Field Guide please speak up in the #core Slack channel and someone will help you on your way.

Topics that need dev notes and their potential authors:

WCEU Contributor Day

For the #core group there are currently ~140 signups. 20%-40% of these signups are new or not an experienced contributor (yet 🙂). Contributor days are meant to change that.

Review handbook pages and good-first-bug report

In order to effectively help those seeking to begin contributing to WordPress, both the contributor handbook pages and the good-first-bug report need to be reviewed and refined. These help guide new contributors in finding something to work on and properly submitting a patch.

@lukecavanagh showed interest in helping with reviewing the handbook pages.

Workshop about preparing a dev environment for core

The core group is going to be huge and it will be way more productive for everyone if there was someone experienced to help new people set up their dev environments. The WCEU team is looking for someone (with a backup) to lead a workshop about preparing a dev environment for core. @adamsilverstein volunteered to help with the workshop. @jeremyfelt is going to help if any issues come up with VVV.

If anyone else is interested please contact @_dorsvenabili or @petya.

Component announcements/updates


Open discussion

  • #12706 needs some eyes and an architectural decision before it can move forward. It may be a good candidate for a feature project.
  • In 4.5, the login <title> structure was fixed, but the admin pages were missed. #35774 aims to fix that.
  • #34923 is seeking feedback for accessibility, design, code review, docs, and general comments.

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