Week In Core, June 7 – June 15 2016

Welcome back the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes [37659-37720]. Here are the highlights:

  • 62 commits
  • 67 contributors
  • 61 tickets created
  • 15 tickets reopened
  • 80 tickets closed

Ticket numbers based on trac timeline for the period above. The following is a summary of commits, organized by component.

Code Changes



  • Set a defined line-height for number type inputs to fix display issue in Safari. [37693] #37024


Bundled Theme

  • Twenty Ten: Revert pot changes after update test.[37715]



  • Do not flag a comment as a duplicate if the comment_author_email is provided but not a match. [37713] #37093
  • Fix pagination totals in the response of the inline delete actions when filtering the List Table by comment_type. [37664] #36991


  • Ensure MediaControl fetches the necessary attachment data for rendering when dynamically added via JS. [37701] #36521
  • Update server-sent setting validation notifications as changes are entered. [37700] #36944


  • Prevent jumping when using the backspace button in the Text editor in Firefox and IE. [37684] #37072
  • quickTags: when the user selects some text by triple-clicking, then wraps it in a tag, and the last selected char is \n, insert the closing tag before the line break. [37661] #29571
  • Adjust the sidebar position when moving a postbox from one column to another. [37659] #35230



  • Docs: Add extensive documentation to the remove_accents() DocBlock outlining the accented characters core replaces. 37669] #34677


  • After [37702], correct the expected result in test_size_format(). [37705] #37037
  • In size_format() and wp_convert_bytes_to_hr(), replace kB with KB for consistency with other units. [37702] #37037
  • Docs: Replace HTTP links with HTTPS. [37674] #36993
  • Docs: Improve the DocBlock summary for add_theme_support(). [37673] #32246
  • Docs: Add documentation for the variadic second parameter, $args, accepted by add_theme_support(). [37672] #37067
  • Docs: Improve documentation for the $feature parameter in the DocBlock for add_theme_support(). [37671] #32246, #37067



  • Revert the test added in [37716], as it causes errors when running the full suite. [37718] #36790
  • Adjust the regex in wp_maybe_decline_date() to handle word boundaries correctly. [37717] #36790
  • Add a unit test for wp_maybe_decline_date(). [37716] #36790
  • Add context and translator comments to Back to %s strings. [37703] #37095
  • In remove_accents(), add support for de_CH and de_CH_informal. [37698] #37076
  • Simplify the WordPress update notice for translators. [37675] #35721

Login and Registration

  • Fire wp_no_robots() in wp_die() only if function exists. This covers cases where wp_die() is used before general-template.php is loaded. [37689] #34401


Networks and Sites

  • Docs: Update the documentation for get_site() and the get_site filter following the removal of the $output parameter in [37652]. [37699] #35791
  • Use to_array() method on WP_Site objects in wp_get_sites(). [37667] #36717
  • Introduce get_current_network_id(). [37670] #33900
  • Tests: Split get_blog_details() test into individual tests [37666] #36566
  • Tests: Move get_blog_details() tests to their own file [37665] #36566
  • Tests: User a data provider for wp_get_sites() tests. [37662] #36566
  • Tests: Move wp_get_sites() tests to their own file [37660] #36566
  • Avoid a PHP notice in get_permalink() if default category is unavailable. [37707] #36529


  • Normalize WP_PLUGIN_DIR in the test added in [37332], otherwise it fails on Windows. [37719] #29154
  • Fix edge-case where the tab=upload page can be accessed directly. [37681] #35429

Posts, Post Types

  • Docs: Improve the return description for wp_get_post_categories() to include more information about possible return values. [37686] #37002


  • After [37692], don’t skip set_found_posts() when no posts are found. [37712] #36687
  • Allow plugins to supply post results instead of having WP_Query fetch them from the database. [37692] #36687
  • Docs: Improve first-order clause documentation for the $meta_query parameter in the constructor for WP_Meta_Query. [37688] #32659


  • Introduce a redirect_term_location filter to change the redirect on term editing. [37696] #36367
  • More specific cap check when processing category data on post save. [37691] #36379
  • Introduce term_taxonomy_id parameter for WP_Term_Query. [37683] #37074
  • Tests: Move WP_Tax_Query tests to a more appropriate file. [37682] #37074

Text Changes

  • Text Changes: Simplify two strings in wp_password_change_notification(). [37704] #35736


  • Make default “read more” link more accessible. [37706] #36572




  • Embeds: In WP_oEmbed::get_provider() and WP_oEmbed::get_html(), parse the $args string to an array, as we treat it as an array later. [37720] #37071
  • wp_signon() expects an array as the $credentials argument, not a string. [37697] #37071
  • Stop WP_List_Table notices from persisting on pagination navigation. [37663] #35620

Thanks to @flixos90, @adamsilverstein, @AdamSoucie, @afercia, @afragen, @alexvandervegt, @azaozz, @boonebgorges, @dashaluna, @dd32, @dlh, @DrewAPicture, @EFAREM, @ethitter, @flixos90, @grapplerulrich, @Ipstenu, @iseulde, @j-falk, @jeherve, @jeremyfelt, @jipmoors, @jnylen0, @joelwills, @joemcgill, @john_schlick, @johnbillion, @johnjamesjacoby, @johnpgreen, @joostdevalk, @jorbin, @JoshuaGoodwin, @azaozz, @jpdavoutian, @Kau-Boy, @khag7, @kraftbj, @mapk, @melchoyce, @michael-arestad, @obenland, @ocean90, @odysseygate, @pansotdev, @paulwilde, @pento, @peterwilsoncc, @Presskopp, @rachelbaker, @ramiy, @ramiy, @rmccue, @ronalfy, @ryelle, @semil, @SergeyBiryukov, @simonvik, @spacedmonkey, @stephdau, @svovaf, @swissspidy, @TimothyBlynJacobs, @tlovett1, @westonruter, and @zakb8 for their contributions!

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