Feature projects “meeting” for June 14

In lieu of a real-time chat in an hour and a half, let’s use the comments below to asynchronously discuss the needs of various feature projects and any ideas folks have. Needs for projects may include setting meetings, refining statements, putting together a project overview page, and any blockers you may have. Also note that the next meeting (June 28) will not be a live chat either, due to WordCamp Europe travel.

During the last meeting, concerns were noted around time and effort on top of what is already being given. While the things that were suggested as being a part of a successful process are derived from what has been effective for current and past features as opposed to being “additional requirements”, I am sensitive to the nature of volunteerism and where developer strengths don’t always align with items that are more project or product management-oriented. As always, I am here to facilitate where needed.

Items needing discussion (not comprehensive)

    In need of a statement of purpose – who is this for and what does it enable and/or improve? While a bit after the fact and not some kind of blocker, it is harder to support decision making both within the API and how it is merged into core without a clear and consensual definition.
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    What are the problems, who is affected by them, and how? Based on early discussions, this seems to center around content and admin UX as opposed to visual design.
  • Rewrites
    “Modernise the rewriting and routing system for the modern CMS and platform era of WordPress.” has been floated as the purpose. This is still leaning toward the how (modernise) – what are current problems in less-technical English, who does it affect, and how? (Do we sense a theme yet?)