Week In Core, May 24 – May 31 2016

Welcome back the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes [37551-37600]. Here are the highlights:

  • 50 commits
  • 33 contributors
  • 56 tickets created
  • 13 tickets reopened
  • 86 tickets closed

Ticket numbers based on trac timeline for the period above. The following is a summary of commits, organized by component.

Code Changes


Build/Test Tools

  • Add tests for no_found_rows behavior of WP_Query. [37600] #29952
  • Change some ‘group’ annotations to ‘ticket’. [37595]
  • Upgrade the HHVM job to use Ubuntu Trusty, and a more recent version of HHVM. [37555] #36930


  • Display approved comments on the Edit Post screen to users without the edit_comment capability. [37584] #24648





  • Ensure hook and duplicate hook docs directly precede all instances of the image_memory_limit filter. [37592] #36968
  • Correct a duplicate filter comment for the image_memory_limit hook to point to the correct file. [37591] #36968
  • Improve documentation for wp_generate_tag_cloud() default arguments by formatting them into in a hash-notation. [37587] #32246
  • Improve formatting in the DocBlock for sanitize_bookmark_field(). [37586] #32246
  • Standardizes and improves DocBlock summaries for the __get(), __set(), __isset(), and __unset() magic methods in wpdb. [37585] #32246
  • Remove unnecessary backtick-escaping around two function references in the DocBlock for get_object_term_cache(). [37578] #36814
  • Link up a reference to the get_terms_args filter in the hook doc for get_terms_defaults. [37577] #35381, #36921
  • Reorder argument descriptions in the DocBlock for wp_list_categories() to match the default arguments list and improve reading at a glance. [37571] #36693
  • Add missing documentation for the style argument in the DocBlock for wp_list_categories(). [37569] #36693
  • Add missing @access tags to methods in WP_oEmbed_Controller. [37568] #36297
  • Update the return description for get_preview_post_link() to note that it can also return null. [37564] #35915
  • Correct DocBlock descriptions for the $before, $after, $link_before, and $link_after arguments for wp_nav_menu()[37561] #32246
  • Standardize DocBlock summaries for hooks that serve to “print” something to use third-person singular verbs. [37560] #36913
  • Update hook docs for the upgrader_package_options filter and upgrader_process_complete action to reflect expected values in the core, language pack, theme, and plugin contexts. [37558] #36875




  • Only use the filename component of URLs to form part of the temporary filename. Previously we were passing the entire URL to wp_tempnam() (incorrectly) which caused the query string to be used as part of the temporary filename. We now only use the file component of a url such as https://example.com/filename.zip?arg1=1&arg2=2....&arg100=100 to prevent a long filename. [37598] #34938


  • Improve grammar for WordPress News help text. [37553] #35681
  • Update list of continents and cities for the timezone selection. [37554] #36828
  • Add translators comments to wp-activate.php. [37552] #35734


  • Fix order of arguments for the strpos() function added in [37562]. [37580] #36706
  • In get_plugin_data() use the plugin slug for the text domain when no text domain is defined in the header. [37562] #36706


  • In WP_Meta_Query, don’t cast meta_value to CHAR. [37594] #36625
  • Allow term meta lazy-loading to be selectively disabled in WP_Query. [37589] #36953
  • In get_bookmarks(), don’t cache if ‘orderby=rand’. [37565] #18356
  • Add tests for get_bookmarks() cache. [37563] #18356




  • Twenty Elevent Ephemera widget fix for caching in Customizer preview. [37590] #36429

Tiny MCE


  • Allow update checks on upgrader_process_complete to be run during Ajax requests. [37570] #36914


Thanks to @azaozz, @birgire, @bobbingwide, @boonebgorges, @c3mdigital, @chris_dev, @danielbachhuber, @DBrumbaugh10Up, @dd32, @dlh, @DrewAPicture, @ericlewis, @flixos90, @iseulde, @jfarthing84, @jorbin, @karmatosed, @kurtpayne, @lukecavanagh, @MikeHansenMe, @netweb, @nextendweb, @ocean90, @pbearne, @pento, @peterwilsoncc, @prettyboymp, @rachelbaker, @ramiy, @sebastianpisula, @swissspidy, @tloureiro, and @wp_smith for their contributions!

#4-6, #week-in-core