Dev Chat Summary: June 1st, 2016

Update on WordPress 4.5.3

Nothing new. The last few tickets are being wrapped up so it can be shipped next week.

Beta 1 is in 4 Weeks

  • Before Beta 1, every feature should be ready to be tested.
  • Before Beta 1, every feature that needs a dev note should have one. See
  • Before Beta 1, every enhancement or feature request needs be committed or punted. See!closed&type=!defect+(bug)&type=!task+(blessed)&milestone=4.6&group=component&order=priority
  • Because there are so many tickets in the 4.6 milestone, next week there will be one, two, three bug scrubs to knockout as many tickets as possible. They will be on Monday (by @chriscct7), Wednesday (by @ocean90), and Friday (by @voldemortensen). Times will be announced.

Feature Project Updates

Shiny Updates

  • Remaining issues are being fixed.
  • A merge proposal will be written by the end of this week.
  • A core patch will be prepared by next dev chat.

Customizer Transactions/Customize Posts

  • For transactions: There is now an initial patch to improve setting validation to give earlier (immediate) feedback when validation errors occur, fixing a key UX problem where invalid settings would just not appear in the preview and no indication would be provided to the user until a save was attempted. See #36944.
  • For stubbing posts/pages via available nav menu items, additional feedback on UI/UX, accessibility, and on integration with terms:
  • The Customize Posts plugin should have a 0.6.0 release on today which should make it much easier to test with the patch. No new iterations on the patch itself were made this week, other than framework improvements on Customize Posts.
  • No blockers
  • The current patch still has some bugs and needs to be refreshed.
  • User tests are also needed.
  • There could also be some discovery work on adding a private shadow taxonomy for drafted terms.
  • Unfortunately, there is still too much to be done to make it in the 4.6 release.

Font Natively

  • Still no movement and no blockers.
  • If you can volunteer to go through font-weights in Core, please do so. See

Toolbar Experiments

  • Still targeting 4.6
  • Documentation and API planning is still underway.
  • More eyes on the documentation would be most beneficial. See

Component Announcements/Updates

Reminder: has a “0 Replies” column. If it doesn’t show “0” for a component, it needs to be fixed.

Build/Test Tools

  • A new version of grunt-patch-wordpress is coming right after this meeting that adds:
    • 1) the ability to use github urls for patchs
    • 2) the ability to upload patches directly from the command line for all users with the appropriate ability in xml-rpc.
  • Its currently limited to profiles that are bug gardeners, but will soon be all users.


  • Reminder: Every week the editor team has a chat and bug scrub 2 hours before dev chat. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged) to attend and participate.

Open Discussion



Full chat log can be found here:

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