Media Weekly Meeting Recap (May 20, 2016)

The weekly Media meeting happens each Friday at 19:00 UTC in #core-images. The agenda for these meetings include reviewing priority tickets for the Media Component, open discussion on tickets desiring review, and scrubbing through open tickets.

Participants this week: @joemcgill, @mikeschroder, @azaozz, @adamsilverstein, @ocean90

Tickets Reviewed

We focused on the open Media tickets on the 4.5.3 milestone, several of which prompted lengthy discussion.

  • #36533: Doesn’t work browse media libary on Frontend
  • #36534: Media Upload Issue Since 4.5 Upgrade
  • #36861: The Insert into post button in the Edit Image window doesn’t work
  • #36587: PHPUnit Tests fail with PHP7 and Imagick 3.4.x

Read the full archive of this discussion and join us tomorrow, Friday at 19:00 UTC to get involved.

#4-6, #media