Dev Chat Summary: May 25th, 2016

This post summarizes the weekly dev chat held on May 25, 2016 at 14:00 MDT.

Update on WordPress 4.5.3

  • Work continues on the 8 remaining tickets tagged for the release:; most tickets are either fixed or marked as commit.
  • #36861 needs some testing. Please give the latest patch a try and report your findings on the ticket.
  • Since @mike reached out to hosts and got Imagick issues fixed, #36534 is no longer critical.
  • Release is still scheduled in 1-2 weeks.

Autoloading in Core

  • The discussion was about #36335 and #36926 which should be read by everyone.
  • @azaozz raised the question “How much easier would be to do this at the same time as dropping support for PHP 5.2? Or rather, would it be a good enough reason to drop that support?” since PHP 5.3+ would make the compatibility shim for spl_autoload_register() superfluous.
  • @ocean90 mentioned it wouldn’t be easier and it’s not a good idea to combine both topics because one is not a requirement for the other.
  • No further objections for the compatibility shim were raised, #36926 was approved for commit.
  • The discussion about the implementation of an autoloader didn’t come to a result because of lack of interest.

Feature project updates

Shiny Updates

  • Testing instructions were added to the feature project landing page and plugin readies.
  • The team got lots of feedback and fixed many bugs.
  • Merged activation flow for plugins that were just installed.
  • Added more QUnit tests.
  • Still targeting 4.6 with no current blockers.
  • Some bugs still need fixing and user tests for update-core.php and themes.
  • A merge proposal and core patch also need to be worked up.
  • If you haven’t already, please test the plugin:

Font Natively

  • Edge is addressing a bug and the fix will be in Edge in the next few months.
  • If you want to help with fixing font weights, please see #36753.

Customizer transactions/Customize Posts

  • For transactions, the commit has been made for adding a setting validation model (#34893). Big thanks to #design team for their input.
  • For Customize posts (#34923), a working patch has been added which connects the available nav menu items UI with being able to create new posts/pages.
  • A GIF demo that @celloexpressions prepared for the scope of the feature being proposed for core:
  • Adding new pages via available nav menu items is still targeted for 4.6.
  • Setting validation is already in trunk.
  • The rest of transactions will be in a future release.
  • #36944 has been opened for to give early feedback when setting validation fails, allowing server-sent validation errors to be received prior to hitting save. A key UX improvement.
  • Adding a term in the Customizer is currently impossible because there is no draft status for terms.
  • TODO: continue iterating on adding posts via Customizer, explore adding terms via Customizer, and improve setting validation.

Fields API

  • There are continued efforts to improve register_meta() in #35658 so it can support additional arguments needed by both Fields API and the REST API projects.
  • The REST API team is on board with the code thus far, but a decision needs to be made on whether or not they want to enforce a data_type or schema argument this early on.
  • Next steps are to add unit tests for new use cases and to ensure backwards compatibility.
  • #35658 is targeted for 4.6.
  • The project itself is no longer treated as a feature project for 4.6.

Toolbar Experiments

  • Notes from last weeks meeting surrounding strategy and design for a new Admin API can be found here:
  • Still targeting for inclusion in 4.6 with no blockers currently.
  • Next meeting is on Friday, May 27th at 16:00 UTC.

Component announcements/updates

  • includes a colum for “Tickets with 0 replies”. These tickets would be great to go through during a bug scrub.

Open discussion

ID or id in object properties?

Core currently has no standard on using $object->ID vs. $object->id. WP_User currently has a magic getter for id and throws a _doing_it_wrong. Its been proposed that everything use id and have a magic getter for ID that throws a _doing_it_wrong. This would involve reversing current behavior in WP_User. This would also increase consistency in core going forward. @jeremyfelt will open a ticket for standardization (#36946).


  • #26511 is still waiting for feedback.
  • @ronaldhuereca will prepare a patch for #36872.
  • #12922 still needs discussion on whether or not posts should automatically be updated when a featured image is added. It seems that most people lean towards requiring an update before the featured image is saved.


The full dev chat logs can be found here:

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