This Week in 4.6: May 23 – May 29

This is the jump-start post for the fifth week of the WordPress 4.6 release cycle.

Tickets seeking feedback:

  • Enhancements without a patch
  • Bug reports with a patch
  • #36335: CoreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. autoloader proposal
  • #35381: WP_Term_Query class
  • #26511: Introduce a localeLocale A locale is a combination of language and regional dialect. Usually locales correspond to countries, as is the case with Portuguese (Portugal) and Portuguese (Brazil). Other examples of locales include Canadian English and U.S. English.-switching function

Meetings this week:

Bug Scrubs

4.6 Feature Chats

Weekly Chats

Notable updates from last week:

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