Dev Chat Summary: May 18, 2016

This post summarizes the weekly dev chat held on May 18, 2016 at 14:00 MDT.

Update on WordPress 4.5.3

  • Target date for release is in 2-3 weeks.
  • Only 7 tickets remain in the minor milestone.
  • #36749, #36590, and #36748 all need some additional help. Please look into them if you can.

New Trac keyword for Dev Notes:

  • Dev notes are make/core posts which are about new features/APIs or API changes. The goal is to have a field guide which summaries all the changes of a release.
  • If you think a ticket needs a make/core post, please add the needs-dev-note keyword so these can be tracked. (needs-dev-note won’t be in the keyword dropdown, however you can manually add it.)
  • Current tickets with needs-dev-note can be found here:
  • Historically, the ticket owner or committer writes the post, but anyone can author a dev note.
  • Please contact @ocean90 if you have a dev note ready to publish.
  • Reminder: The handbook has a Post & Comment Guidelines page.

Feature project updates

Font Natively

  • This week a bug with the font shortcut property was fixed.
  • Currently there are no blockers noted.
  • More screenshots across operating systems/browsers/resolutions/devices would be greatly appreciated.
  • Screenshots should be uploaded directly to ticket #36753 if possible. Otherwise, a link to them will suffice.
  • The dashboard with the welcome panel active, the discussion settings page, and the customizer all good for screenshots.
  • @helen has pinged @mattmiklic about the font weight differences that were noted. (Answer)

Customizer transactions/Customize Posts

  • Transactions: setting validation (#34893) is the part of transactions that has been worked on this last week. It is ready for commit from @westonruter‘s point of view.
  • It was proposed to punt Customize Posts from 4.6 for now and to focus on the underlying API instead.
  • #36879 allows post data to be filtered if is_customize_preview().
  • Work continues on the feature plugin, primarily thanks to @valendesigns, with work focusing on being able to create new posts from within the Customizer.
  • There has been some confusion regarding the scope of the feature plugin vs. the scope of what’s being worked on for 4.6, @westonruter and @celloexpressions will work on separating the two to reduce confusion.

Shiny Updates

Open question: Should `update-core.php` changes be part of the merge proposal? Initially it has not been part of the proposal because it was far from finished. Pros for making it part of the proposal would be that it would completely eliminate The Bleak Screen Of Sadness from there, con would be that it wasn’t ready at the beginning of the cycle and still needs a good amount of testing.

If you have any thoughts on the matter, please chime in.

Toolbar Experiments

Component announcements

  • @boonebgorges” reminded everyone about
  • @ocean90 also reminded everyone that #core-i18n still has weekly bug scrubs every Tuesday @ 18:00 UTC.

Open discussion

  • @voldemortensen proposed that core adopt some prerendering and prefetching by default. He and @swissspidy believe there are some big performance gains to be had. However, prerendering can have some bandwidth impacts that need to be researched/discussed further.
  • @tfrommen would like some feedback on #26511. The basic concept of the ticket is to introduce the ability to switch between locales. He will be making a patch so it can be tested directly with core. Discussion will continue in #core-i18n.
  • @mrwweb would like feedback on #36809. After a healthy discussion about the problems surrounding the removal of the feature, the general consensus is that it would stay for now and be revisited in the future.

The full dev chat logs can be found here:

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