Multisite Office Hours Recap (May 17, 2016)

Multisite office hours are held every Tuesday at 16:00 UTC in #core-multisite. The next will be Tuesday 16:00 UTC. A more casual bug scrub is on Thursday 20:00 UTC.

The weekly agenda for the 4.6 cycle is to (a) address blockers and share status on bigger initiatives, then (b) walk through a few multisite focused tickets on Trac.

Today’s chat log

Attendees: @iamfriendly, @flixos90, @nerrad, @ericlewis, @ocean90, @jeremyfelt

Tickets Covered

  • #35791, WP_Site_Query() is still in progress. Most (all?) of what’s left is assigned to @jeremyfelt. @iamfriendly is going to try things out in their staging environment. @ocean90 may put portions on More testing is always welcome. Hoping to have the first patches for this in within a day or two.
  • #34941, which wraps the multisite bootstrap process into ms_load_current_site_and_network is also getting closer. @ocean90 tested it on and nothing exploded, so the ticket is okay to move forward.
  • #17904, managing user login character restrictions in single and multisite, has an updated patch and tests and needs feedback. @ericlewis has been working on moving that along. @jeremyfelt left feedback. Other eyes always welcome.

It was quiet. See you next week!

#4-6, #multisite, #networks-sites