Shiny Updates Chat Summary 5/17/16

This is a summary of the shiny updates chat from May 17. (Slack log)

Attendees: @ocean90, @swissspidy, @j-falk, @mapk, @ethitter, @obenland


  • Accomplished work since last week
    • Review requests were posted to the Accessibility, Flow, Polyglots, and Design teams.
    • The feature project landing page was written and published.
    • @swissspidy merged update-core.php into master.
    • Lots of bug fixes and smaller enhancements went in.
  • Activate after install
    We discussed what the best way would be to provide users with the ability to activate a plugin after it was installed. @swissspidy offered to work on a way that would switch the install button to an activation link after the install queue emptied, so it can be user tested for a more informed decision.
  • Update core
    @swissspidy‘s update-core work was merged into master, where it will remain to receive a broader test coverage than it would in a branch. All updates (except for ‘update all’ button) work via ajax.
  • Open floor
    We decided on a new meeting time, 20:00 UTC, that is one hour later than before.

Next meeting is therefore on Tuesday May 24, 20:00 UTC.

#4-6, #shiny-updates, #upgrade-install