New committers for 4.6!

Each cycle, the lead developers review guest and potential committers. We’ve been taking the time to assign each new committer a dedicated mentor and ensure we’re getting feedback from and giving it to existing committers, so it took us a little longer to put it all together this time around. Without further ado, we’ve got two new guest committers and two new permanent committers!

First up, we have Joe McGill (@joemcgill), whose work on responsive images both as a plugin and post-merge has proven invaluable over the last few releases. He has also been serving as a component maintainer for the extensive media component. I look forward to his continued work in this area, as well as other features and parts of core.

Next, Peter Wilson (@peterwilsoncc) will be joining our Australian contingent of committers. Peter has shown solid judgment and admirable tenacity in chasing down tricky issues across a number of areas, especially as we’re approaching the finish line. The trickiest things always get left for last, and help in those areas is always appreciated.

Finally, I’m happy to announce that Ella Van Dorpe (@iseulde) and Weston Ruter (@westonruter) are now permanent committers. Their continuous stewardship of the editor and customizer respectively have been exemplary, and we have all been enjoying the great strides that have been made in these areas thanks in large part to them.

Please join me in congratulating everyone!

Update: Additionally, all current guest committers have had their commit renewed for the cycle.