Media bug scrub summary, May 6, 2016

Last week, we held a media component bug scrub in #core-images. You can read the archive of the discussion here:

Participants included: @joemcgill, @kkoppenhaver, @ocean90, @markoheijnen

We reviewed all of the Media component tickets currently slated for the 4.6 release (6 in all), and began working through issues on the Awaiting Review milestone.

Tickets reviewed

  • #36531 Default image size medium_large is not generated
  • #36316 Image editor: improve form validation errors handling
  • #36587 PHPUnit Tests fail with PHP7 and Imagick 3.4.x
  • #14244 Upload file types should be checked BEFORE uploading.
  • #17262 wp_get_attachment_thumb_file should check new ‘thumbnail’ image size
  • #34384 No way of preventing image_get_intermediate_size from returning cropped image
  • #36777 Grid view not working after upgrading to WordPress v4.5.1
  • #36735 Add media, insert from URL and alt attribute (marked as good first bug)
  • #36684 Image crunched does not render in Microsoft Edge/IE/Windows Photos

We’ll pick this back up next week at the same time, Friday, May 13 at 19:00 UTC.

#4-6, #media