Week in Core, April 26 – May 3 2016

Welcome back the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes [37314-37354]. Here are the highlights:

  • 40 commits
  • 33 contributors
  • 78 tickets created
  • 8 tickets reopened
  • 70 tickets closed

Ticket numbers based on trac timeline for the period above.

Code Changes


  • improve the Star Ratings hiding empty elements for assistive technologies. [37330] #36725
  • This patch assigns the background color to body instead of the html element. [37321] #35314

Build/Test Tools

  • Include npm prune in the before_script command. npm prune removes extraneous packages so the cache contains only current modules. [37340] #36490
  • Document WP_UnitTestCase->go_to() [37319] #36679


  • date_query should be a property on WP_Comment_Query objects, nstead of a local variable. [37354] #36741
  • Realign parameter documentation in the DocBlocks for comment_author_email_link() and get_comment_author_email_link(). Also adds a missing return description for get_comment_author_email_link(). [37349] #36571
  • Adjust comment_author_email_link() and get_comment_author_email_link() to each accept a new optional fourth parameter, $comment, which enables overriding the $comment global. Adds tests. [37348] #36571
  • Display the comment counts in wp_dashboard_right_now() in the rare initial condition when there are 0 approved comments and only pending comments, so the AJAX count update could work. [37335] #35519
  • Pass $comment to comment_text() in Walker_Comment::comment() instead of using a function which can skip the cache. [37325] #35433


  • Handle filtering sidebars_widgets when the underlying option is non-existent. See #36389. Fixes #36660. [37352] #36389, #36660
  • Pass WP_Customize_Setting instance as second argument to customize_value_{$id_base} filter. [37350] #36452
  • Allow Esc key to collapse the currently-expanded panel, section (or control). [37347] #22237
  • Ensure settings modified during an open save request remain dirty when save request completes. [37346] #32941
  • Increase the target size of the expand/collapse button in the customizer. [37341] #36093
  • Don’t auto-close the customizer when a new theme is activated. [37339] #35320
  • Remove format placeholders from widget templates and selectors, fixing a jQuery selector syntax error and the broken highlight/shift-click behaviors. [37322] #36473



  • Improve the class DocBlock for WP_Widget to clarify which methods “should” vs “must” be overridden by extending sub-classes. [37343] #36703
  • Remove inline @see tags from function, class, and method references in inline docs. [37342] #32246
  • Add backtick escaping for two inline code samples in docs. [37338] #32246
  • Standardize on using :: for Class::method() references in WP_Customize_Control inline docs. [37337] #32246
  • Document the @return value of wp_add_trashed_suffix_to_post_name_for_post(). [37334] #36728


  • Rename the $link_id parameter in get_link_to_edit() to $link to better reflect that it can accept a link ID or object. [37353] #36736
  • Clarify documentation for the $link_id parameter to mention that it accepts either an integer or object. [37351] #36736


  • In plugin_basename() normalize the file path before unresolving symlinks. [37332] #29154
  • In uninstall_plugin() pass the plugin file to wp_register_plugin_realpath(). [37331] #36709


  • Allow get_page_uri() to be called without a $page argument. [37345] #26284



  • Ensure that image sizes are indeed removed when errors are raised before assertions in Tests_Media. [37328] #36588
  • Ensure that the GD absrtraction is used for GD unit tests for Images. [37327] #36588
  • Remove debug cruft left over from [34816]. [37344] #17078
  • Reduce unnecessary count in create_many() in multisite user tests. [37318] #36566




  • Provide PHP 5.2 fallback for spl_object_hash() if disabled in logic for registering and unregistering pre-instantiated widgets. [37333] #28216
  • Allow WP_Widget subclass instances (objects) to be registered/unregistered in addition to WP_Widget subclass names (strings). [37329] #35990, #28216
  • When the Inactive Widgets section is hidden also hide the “Clear Inactive Widgets” button description text. [37323] #35592


Thanks to @afercia, @andy, @boonebgorges, @celloexpressions, @chandrapatel, @DrewAPicture, @ericlewis, @flixos90, @flyingdr, @Frank-Klein, @jdgrimes, @jeremyfelt, @jsternberg, @kjbenk, @martinkrcho, @mdwheele, @michaelarestad, @netweb, @ocean90, @PeterRKnight, @pollett, @purcebr, @r-a-y, @rachelbaker, @SergeyBiryukov, @Shelob9, @tloureiro, @voldemortensen, @vortfu, @websupporter, @welcher, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their contributions!

#4-6, #week-in-core