Dev Chat Summary – May 4, 2016

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from May 4.

Update on WordPress 4.5.2

  • Lead for 4.5.2 still undecided.
  • 8 potential tickets for 4.5.2, only one has been committed.
  • #36534 is a serious issue that has had little activity. The issue is a bug between Imagick and OpenMP in certain configurations. @mike has reached out to a few major hosts who have fixed their configuration. @joemcgill and team are continuing the investigation into how to handle these errors.
  • The goal is to have as many 4.5.2 tickets committed to trunk by next week as possible.

Triage of tickets with the “early” keyword

  • Down to 11 tickets across 9 components!closed&keywords=~early&milestone=4.6&group=component
  • #25387, #18857, and #29804 don’t have an owner yet.
  • @westonruter The three Customizer `early` tickets are closely related. @delawski has been working on #34391 and the remaining items are to clean up unneeded CSS, do thorough browser testing, and testing with different themes that add custom panels/sections.

Call for designers/reviving the chats

  • Since the beginning of this cycle a few contributors requested help from the team in #design. This channel has currently 813 members but the responses are only sporadic. There is also a meeting scheduled which should happen every week on Thursday at 17:00 UTC. But last one was in January.
  • @karmatosed and @hugobaeta will take charge of reviving chats in #design on Slack.
  • @hugobaeta will have an agenda posted by end of day today.
  • @zetaraffix volunteered to join the design team.

Feature Project Updates

Shiny Updates

  • Visual records have been posted:
  • All bugs found in that process have been fixed. @swissspidy made a a first pass at improving update-core.php.
  • User testing was tainted by an outdated WordPress install, but can still be viewed here:
  • Another user test will be run and a review by the flow, docs, a11y, and i18n team will be requested.

Fields API

  • The Fields API team is requesting feedback on proposed changes to register_meta(). Please read and leave your feedback in the comments.


  • Recap post of the last office hours:
  • #30937 (transactions) and #35210 (notification area) are the highest priorities.
  • A make/core post for Customizer setting validation (#34893) in the works.
  • @westonruter has also initiated a new feature plugin “JS Widgets” that will greatly improve the performance of widgets in the Customizer. An alpha state plugin can be found here:

Decision time for: #36753 Use system fonts for a faster, more native-feeling admin (Font Natively)

  • Background information and rationale can be found here:
  • @helen mentioned that there is a patch on #36753 and that lots of screenshots across OSes and window sizes of current state and new state are needed. Help is appreciated.
  • Because this project is already in a committable state, @helen proposed to commit this patch now.
  • Even the final decision time is still a month away no objections were called.
  • @helen will commit the patch.

Discussion: How to name new functions? get_sites/networks() vs wp_get_sites/networks()

This came up during the last multisite chat. @jeremyfelt gave a short introduction:

WP_Site_Query should have a function similar to get_posts(), get_users(), or get_comments() that allows for the simple return of results from a query.

wp_get_sites() was introduced quite a bit ago. It returns an array of arrays rather than the desirable array of WP_Site objects.

get_sites() is proposed as part of the WP_Site_Query patch to align better with the naming of posts, users, comments… and to allow for the return of an array of objects.

We need to make a decision: Does it make sense to introduce get_sites() and deprecate wp_get_sites()

I guess a broader question is do we push for more wp_ prefixed functions in situations like this or do we go with what we’ve been doing.

A similar question exists for get_networks()

  • @tfrommen objects, that introducing a new unprefixed function might be a collision with some (also unprefixed) plugin function. He proposes that the slurping the plugin repo would be a good idea.
  • @boonebgorges states a rule: Prefer prefix as a rule of thumb, but exceptions seem fine in cases like this, when DX will be improved by being internally consistent.
  • @helen: Generally I would base these kinds of decisions on what wouldn’t trip you up (or at least you trip you up less) as a developer.
  • @ipstenu will help with slurping the plugin repo for get_sites() and report the findings in #core-multisite.
  • There is currently not a consensus on prefixing functions with wp_.

Component Updates




  • Bug scrub scheduled for Monday May 9th, 2016 at 13:00 MDT in #core Slack.
  • Watch for a Make/Core post regarding Custom Comment Types
  • With 104 open tickets, the Comments team would love help confirming bugs still exist, are actually bugs, or patches 🙂
  • #33717 (Send Notification Email When a Comment is Approved From Moderation) needs some extra review and feedback.


  • The media component could use a lot of love, and a bug-fix focussed release is just the sort of thing that could help.
  • @joemcgill  is planning to put out a call for volunteers on the make/core blog and then begin using our weekly dev chat time to focus on bug-scrubs.
  • There are currently 268 open tickets in that component, so extra hands will be helpful.

Open Discussion

  • @helen brought a concern about removing the Open Sans style registration and people who might be using it as a dependency, etc. The decision was to leave the registration and move the line to the // Deprecated CSS section..
  • @ronalfy asked for a new owner of #33932 (Filters for Plugin/Theme Update Email Notifications).
  • @zstepek brought #34848 (Add support for updating post meta in bulk) up. @boonebgorges will be responding to the ticket soon.
  • @spacedmonkey would like to get more eyes on #35381 (Introduce WP_Term_Query)


The full dev chat logs can be found here:

#4-6, #dev-chat, #summary