I18N Kickoff for 4.6

This Thursday, 21 April, 13:00 UTC we’ll have an I18N chat in #core-i18n to discuss the roadmap and ideas for 4.6.

Some of the bigger tasks on which could be worked during the cycle:

JavaScript i18n:

  • #20491: Introduce JavaScript i18n functions
  • #22229: Plurals in JavaScript

User Admin Language:

  • #29783: Main ticket
  • #26511: Separate locale for the admin toolbar
  • #32879: Live switching Language

Language Packs:

  • #34213: Change priority for loading theme/plugin translations
  • #34114: Remove the requirement to call load_plugin_textdomain() or load_theme_textdomain()

Database Collation:

  • #32405: Database collation upgrade routine to support UTF8MB4 collations
  • https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/2015/11/28/hi-czech-users-have-sometimes-problems-with-ordering/


There are currently 77 open tickets in the I18N component which we should try to reduce. It would be nice to get our long planned handbook page about best practices for Internationalization in core (see also Spelling) finalized too.

Please share in the comments below if there are any specific features and tickets that you want to contribute in this next release. Otherwise, please also join us in #core-i18n chat to discuss.

#4-6, #i18n