Dev Chat Summary, April 20th 2016

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from April 20.

Update on WordPress 4.5.1

  • #36510 and #36545 are large bugs that are prompting an earlier release than was anticipated.
  • #36510: a ‘singular’ class was added for singular items, but some existing themes -including Twentyeleven – already used ‘singular’ in a different way leading to unexpected result.
  • #36545: is a potentially bad TinyMCE bug with chrome vs. 50 (now stable) is fixed in TinyMCE upstream; although testers have been unable to reproduce this bug, the point upgrade MCE squashes some known bugs and seems worthwhile to include.

Other items remaining

  • #26506: Press This: “Add Photos” box doesn’t have enough height
  • #36578: wp_ajax_send_attachment_to_editor() bug

Discussion about release date

Several people raised concerns about rushing out an early point release. In an effort to encourage testing before release, 4.5.1-RC will be tagged either today or tomorrow (April 20th, 2016 or April 21st, 2016). A make/core post about changes in 4.5.1 will also be posted.


  • All committers will have their commit access renewed.
  • @voldemortensen will be the release deputy for 4.6.
  • @ebinnion, @rockwell15, and @grantpalin will continue their superb Week in Core posts.
  • WordPress 4.6 will focus on fixing bugs and refining existing features.
  • Other goals include increasing collaboration between features/components, increasing communication via make/core, and give user testing and UX a bigger focus.

Release Schedule

  • Target release date is August 16, 2016. As a reminder, deadlines are not arbitrary.
  • Full release schedule can be found at
  • It was proposed that the Major ticket report has zero tickets at Beta 4 instead of RC to avoid last minute rushing.

Community Wish List

  • @helen gave an update on feature projects ( Feature projects have a bi-weekly meeting (every two weeks) at variable times to allow more contributors to attend. Next meeting is on May 3, 15:00 UTC in the #core Slack channel. More feature projects will be added to the page as their statements of purpose are refined.
  • @ocean90 and @voldemortensen will be tracking the wish list of tickets for 4.6 and providing updates here: (Component maintainers can help up by updating the list as well.)

Component Maintainers

  • Just a reminder to component maintainers, write more posts on make/core to improve communication. Don’t forget to post on weekly meetings either. There is a handbook post on writing make/core updates.
  • If you would like to volunteer to be a component maintainer, please reach out to @ocean90 or @jorbin.

General Discussion

  • The Two-Factor feature plugin needs a UX designer. Please reach out to @georgestephanis directly or in #core-passwords on Slack if interested.
  • #34941 (Make the main bootstrap process in ms-settings.php testable) needs some eyes. Please leave comments on the ticket or in #core-multisite if you have questions, comments, or concerns.
  • PHPMailer has decided to drop support for anything lower than PHP 5.5. Security updates will be backported, but there will be no new feature development. Reference.

Full meeting logs:

#4-5-1, #4-6, #dev-chat, #summary