New time for feature projects chat on Tuesday, April 19

Time change

Per the comments on the introduction post, the next feature project chat will be held at April 20 01:00 UTC. This will alternate with the first meeting’s time of 17:00 UTC (1:00PM Eastern) (sorry for the initial error, math is hard). Since there are a number of people in place where only one of the times is at a reasonable hour, as activity picks up we will likely move to weekly meetings that alternate times; for now, we will remain at biweekly (i.e. each time will occur every 4 weeks).

Meeting Agenda

  • A look at feature project pages.
  • Check-ins with existing feature projects.
  • Call for feature projects and feature project ideas.
  • Open floor.

To help keep us on track and prevent us from missing things, please comment below with any feature projects/ideas and a brief statement of purpose, as seen on the feature projects page. If you have items for the open floor, also add those in the comments.