Multisite Kickoff for 4.6

Let’s have an official multisite kickoff chat this April 21 19:00 UTC in #core-multisite to discuss some of the things we’d like to cover in 4.6.

A few ideas to ponder…

  • I’d like to reframe our weekly office hours as weekly bug scrubs for this cycle and see how that goes. We can keep tabs on the status of bigger initiatives throughout the week and use the weekly hour to walk through portions of the 217 open multisite tickets in Trac that need walking through.
  • I’d also enjoy moving to a new time for these weekly bug scrubs starting April 26 16:00 UTC. Earlier and easier to schedule for me. How about you?
  • The REST API team is looking for help from component maintainers to build up and maintain parts of the REST API related to those components. If this is something that interests you, let’s chat!

And the bigger initiatives already in progress:

  • #35791 (previously #31148), in which we introduce WP_Site_Query and use it throughout. 👏
  • #15800, in which we DRY up a bunch of network admin code and enable the extension of the network admin interface.
  • #34941 (and #36566) to further the testability of the multisite bootstrap process, which will in turn lead to fixing things like #17376 with greater confidence.

And now it’s your turn! Leave ideas in the comments for what we should spend time fixing or breaking in multisite for the 4.6 cycle. 😅


#4-6, #multisite