Dev Chat Summary, April 13

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from April 13.

WordPress 4.5

  • WordPress 4.5 was released on schedule.
  • @swissspidy and @adamsilverstein were proposed to lead the next minor release (4.5.1). Both accepted the nomination.
  • Current status:
    • The jQuery update in 4.5 includes an intentional change which broke a few themes/plugins. Unquoted # in attribute selectors are now causing a syntax error (a[href*=#] vs a[href*="#"]). jQuery was updated in [36285] four months ago.
      Next steps: A make/core posts which explains the issue and to educate developers. It shouldn’t focus on end users. @georgestephanis and @jorbin are preparing the post.
    • #36501: Issue seems to be limited because it only affects an old version of ImageMagick.
    • #36510: Themes like Twenty Eleven don’t expect the new .singular body class. Needs a decision on how to fix the issue and if an update of Twenty Eleven is necessary.
    • #36506: A change to the rewrite rules for IIS installs is breaking sites because of duplicate rules. Patch is available, needs more testing.

WordPress 4.6

  • Announcements:
  • Pre-4.6 tasks:
    • Call for Component Maintainers
      • The release will heavily focus on work of each component, because we’ll try something different this cycle: Bug scrubs per component.
  • Open discussions:
    • Question by @krogsgard whether I’ll look back through past idea posts and filter any candidates, or folks should bring ideas again from the beginning. I suggested to start from the beginning.

View the full logs on Slack.

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