Customizer Kickoff for 4.6

This Monday, 18 April, 20:00 UTC we’ll have a Customizer chat in #core-customize to discuss the roadmap and ideas for 4.6.

Referring to the Customizer roadmap post (and component page), at a high level, two big features I personally am interested in are:

A few other tickets that I’d love to see in this release, including some related tickets from the Widgets component:

  • #34893: Improve Customizer setting validation model
  • #34391: Harden panel/section UI code by removing contents from being logically nested (read: goodbye margin-top hacks)
  • #29932: There is no error reporting in the Customizer
  • #35210: Add notification area to Customizer
  • #28216: Allow to register pre-instantiated widgets
  • #33507: Allow widget controls to be JS-driven
  • #35574: Add REST API JSON schema information to WP_Widget

See also the Trac report for issues assigned to the 4.6 release, and then the tickets under future release and awaiting review.

Please share in the comments below if there are any specific features and tickets that you want to contribute in this next release to push the Customizer forward. Otherwise, please also join us in #core-customize chat to discuss.

Update: Read archive logs of meeting.

#4-6, #customize