Editor wish list for 4.6 and beyond – chat summary

This list builds on the previous wish list. You can read the full chat in the archive.


  • Allow suggestions and comments to be made, similar to what ICE does. This would make a good plugin and feature project first. @eric and @azaozz seem to be interested in working on something like this.


  • (Publish) meta box revamp. See #36474. Feedback welcome! @michael-arestad, @melchoyce, @helen@mapk@hugobaeta?

    Proof of concept.

    Proof of concept.

  • More experimenting with inline toolbars (separate for formatting and inserting). We could first do this on small screens where the toolbar would be fixed at the top, later maybe on big screens. See also #29923.
  • Could editor scrolling be improved (e.g. hide on scroll down)? See #36482, and also #31751.
  • Caption placeholder. Focusing on an image would give you a placeholder for a caption. See #32175.
  • Leaving dialog. Offer WordPress UI on leaving the page if we can with the option to save changes. See #28566.
  • Advanced panel for the inline link toolbar, so plugins can add options. See #36312.
  • More formatting shortcuts (code blocks, bold, italic…)? See #36433, and also #6331.
    Decide whether to add bold and italic shortcuts at all, how to do the triple back tick shortcut.
    Try to merge with TinyMCE’s own textpattern plugin.
    Any other things we could automatically format in the editor? Curly quotes? Thinking about wptexturize().
  • Save and update without a page reload. For this we will need to look into nonce refreshing. See #7756.
  • Autosave in the browser revamp and improvements. Add some subtle, always present UI for restoring a post from in-browser autosave. Try to better detect when a restore may be needed (and show the current notice). See #36479.
  • Handling nested shortcodes. See #30094. I’m skeptical about this one, but please do let us know what your thoughts are if this interests you.
  • Save custom colours. See #31479.

Under The Hood

  • Consider the new non-editable TinyMCE plugin for our non-editable views. See #36434.
  • Consider the TinyMCE API for inline toolbars, see #36480.
  • Responsive images for TinyMCE. See #36475. Depends on whether we will be saving the srcset and sizes attributes in post content, @joemcgill?
  • Handle inline image blobs in TinyMCE.
  • Different placeholders for more and nextpage tags. See #29804.
  • Auto embed bug. See #25387.

Call for Contributors

If you would like to see more of these features implemented sooner, join us. Everybody can contribute as designer, UX expert, developer, tester, the area you feel most comfortable with. Describing your workflow, how you use the editor, and what you find difficult or easy is also a very good way to contribute.

You can also leave feedback on the relevant tickets.

Let us know if you have more suggestions or ideas to add to the list.

The next chat will be Wednesday, 13 April, 18:00 UTC in #core-editor.

Andrew and Ella

#4-6, #editor