Beta 4, RC, and Core Dev Meeting Time


Per the schedule, WordPress 4.5 Beta 4 will be released in the hours following Wednesday’s weekly dev meeting, which is at March 16, 2016 at 2100 UTC.

For those on Daylight Saving Time – If you’re already on Daylight Saving Time, the core dev meeting will be an hour later for you for two weeks, until Europe moves into DST. The above time link should give you the correct time and date for your local timezone.


There are currently 42 tickets in the milestone remaining. We hit the 50 ticket target before Beta 3, with 47 tickets remaining after the post-dev meeting triage. Great job! Before the release of Beta 4 (in two days), I’d like to see this down to 25, to help us hit RC next week.

To support this, like last week, we’ll run a triage, starting after status reports in the dev meeting, extending afterwards for as long as folks want to stay to work on the milestone.

I’d also like to run an impromptu triage today, for anyone around that would like to walk through tickets. If you’re interested in helping out with it, ping me in #core in Slack!

As a reminder, the report needs to be entirely clear before the Release Candidate next week(!).

If you own ticket(s) on Trac in the 4.5 milestone:

  • If your ticket will not be finished in the very near future, please punt it to Future Release.
  • If your ticket will be finished in the very near future, please add an update as to what is left as a comment on the ticket, including an estimated completion timeframe if possible.


Feel free to raise any points of discussion for tomorrow in comments on this post.
So far, I have:

  • How should we add opt-in for selective refresh, or can opt-in be avoided altogether? #35855
  • Should we have duplicate shortcuts, and are single */_ the most user-friendly way to handle bold/italics? #33300

One more Beta to go. Thanks to everyone for your help!

#4-5, #agenda