A specification for the Fields API

specification defines how a part of the web platform works. For example, CSS is a spec, which browsers look to when implementing their layout engines.

A feature is drafted in spec, which serves as a prop to push forward discussion on how the feature should work. The spec author focuses on understanding and explaining the theoretical, and typically is not the implementer. An implementer might try to get a feature working, realize the spec is too vague or problematic, and give feedback to the author.

The Fields API is an opportunity for immense growth in the project. It is also a large problem space that needs a lot of discussion leading to agreement on what a core implementation should look like.

Let’s try writing a spec to push this effort forward. To start, I’ve talked to Scott about how the Fields API implementation works and made a spec. Comments are welcome — this is a draft and intended to spark conversation!

We’ll walk through the spec together at the next Fields API meeting, Monday 20:00 UTC 2016 in Slack #core-fields.

#feature-plugins, #fields-api