Week in Core, Mar 1 – Mar 8 2016

Welcome back the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes [36801-36888]. Here are the highlights:

Ticket numbers based on trac timeline for the period above.

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Code Changes

Build/Test Tools


  • Improve the collapsed view when switching to the responsive view. [36877] #35220
  • Fix image cropping when doing live preview of theme switches. Ensure that the Customizer gets bootstrapped with the pre-activated theme supplied in the custom-header-crop admin ajax requests. [36866] #32783
  • Fix visibility of preview in iOS. Removes CSS rule added in [21014] that is now obsolete. [36804] #20805, #35875
  • Eliminate unnecessary WP_Customize_Site_Logo_Control in favor of re-using WP_Customize_Image_Control. Fixes #35941. [36851] #36096, #33755, #35941
  • Don’t show custom image sizes in the media modal. Custom image sizes for logos should only be used for their intended purpose. [36839] #33755
  • Rename custom logo classes after [36837]. [36838] #35945
  • Site logos are custom logos. Brings the nomenclature closer to custom headers and backgrounds. See #35945. [36837] #35945
  • Remove gap above section contained in panel when initially focusing on control. [36805] #36050
  • Define params on WP_Customize_Partial::render_callback() for the sake of subclasses overriding this method. [36801] #27355




  • TinyMCE, inline link: Add uiAutocompleteL10n with translatable strings for use in UI Autocomplete live region. [36806] #33301
  • Fix the icon for the native dialogs close button. Highlight the button on :focus. [36857] #36035
  • TinyMCE, inline link: add styling for the dialog and UI Autocomplete to Press This. [36849] #33301
  • TinyMCE: then toggling the paste in plain text mode disable the warning message after the second time. [36807] #28612
  • TinyMCE: update to 4.3.7. Has few bug/regression Fixes #36035. [36803] #36035


  • During discovery, only request the first 150kb of linked content to avoid timouts requesting larger documents. [36880] #35979
  • Adjust the iframe title attribute for improved accessibility. Changes the title attribute from Embedded WordPress Post to "Post name" — site title. [36873] #35804
  • Embeds: Add support for embeds in the theme template hierarchy. [36875] #35421


External Libraries

Filesystem API

  • Tests: Merge the two different wp_normalize_path() tests. [36882] #35996
  • Support Windows shares/DFS roots in wp_normalize_path(). [36881] #35996



  • Avoid an undefined index notice in wp_http_validate_url(). [36870] #34164


  • Remove the title attributes from the old Media UI. [36879] #34944
  • Fix an invalid placeholder added in [36844]. [36850] #36048
  • Don’t use the locale for the HTML language attribute. [36802] #33511
  • Move the aria-label text in get_theme_update_available() to a separate string for easier translation. Add translator comments. [36845] #36048
  • Move the aria-label text in wp_plugin_update_row() and wp_theme_update_row() to a separate string for easier translation. Add translator comments. [36844] #36048


  • Avoid a notice when outputting a description for an existing archive menu item for a post type that doesn’t. [36888] #35324
  • Ensure Description is respected in post type archive menu items. Introduced in r35382. [36859] #35324, #16075
  • Ensure theme location setting data is saved with a large menu. [36852] #14134

Networks and Sites

  • Handle redirect to a user’s subdomain properly during login [36867] #30598

Posts, Post Types

  • Posts, Post Types: Ensure that non-ASCII characters in attachment slugs aren’t shown in urlencoded form in the sample permalink UI. [36853] #35980

Press This

  • Change the newly added press_this_save_post_content filter to press_this_save_post and pass the $post_data array to it. Remove the newly added press_this_useful_html_elements. Remove the press_this_suggested_content filter. Add some more inline docs and rename couple of vars to make the code more readable. [36848] #34455


  • Unit test for OPTIONS request should call rest_send_allow_header In [36829] we moved this logic to rest_send_allow_header() [36831] #36829
  • OPTIONS requests to REST API should return Allow header. [36829] #35975

Script Loader,Media

  • Enqueue the minified version of farbtastic if SCRIPT_DEBUG is false. The files are available since [36341]. [36884] #36083, #35229
  • CSS: Rename the handle for deprecated-media.css after [36341]. The media handle is now used for media.css thus the stylesheet
    for the old media UI needs a different handle name. [36869] #35229
  • Improve group processing of script dependencies. 36871] #35873, #35956


  • Setup config: Generate the default secret keys & salts from the local CSPRNG if available, falling back to the WordPress.org API and a backup psuedo random source. [36872] #35290


  • Improve backward compatibility on the wp-admin/term.php page. Specifically, run do_action( 'edit-tags.php' ); on this new term edit page introduced in [36308]. Changes the GET param back to tag_ID and properly sets the screen base in WP_Screen. [36874] #34988
  • Remove unnecessary ‘All categories’ string on Edit Posts and Edit Links screens and use taxonomy’s all_items label instead. [36808] #36049



  • Remove an unnecessary static var from wp_is_mobile() to allow its direct and indirect use within unit tests. The static $is_mobile var was only used to avoid a handful of calls to strpos(), which are exceptionally fast and result in no measurable increase in processing time on each call to wp_is_mobile(). [36813] #35976, #20014
  • Add tests for device upload capabilities based on user agent. [36810] #35976


Thanks to @adamsilverstein, @afercia, @andg, @azaozz, @boonebgorges, @borgesbrun, @borgesbruno, @bradyvercher, @celloexpressions, @ChriCo, @dd32, @diddledan, @DrewAPicture, @ericlewis, @extendwings, @faishal, @gitlost, @jeremyfelt, @joehoyle, @joemcgill, @johnbillion, @jorbin, @keraweb, @markoheijnen, @mattwiebe, @mayukojpn, @meitar for initial patch, @mikeschroder, @mt8.biz, @netweb, @obenland, @ocean90, @pento, @perezlabs, @ramiy, @rilwis for initial patch, @rittesh.patel, @SergeyBiryukov, @stephenharris, @swissspidy, @Toro_Unit, and @westonruter for their contributions!

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