Dev Chat notes for March 9


Schedule Notes, Status Updates, Road to Beta 3 — Triage Edition

Schedule Notes

  • As noted on the schedule, Beta 3 is due today!
  • @mike would like to see this report down to 50 before Beta 3 goes out. We’re at 66 at the time of the meeting, we were at 100 before the weekend.

Status Updates

  • Image Improvements: @joemcgill
    • We landed r36891 which improves the optimizations we’ve added for resizing images using Imagick. Blog post for make/core will go out soon that will outline the details.
    • Only a few media related tickets left in the milestone. We’ll fix what is left or punt after our dev chat on Friday.
  • Customizer: @westonruter, @celloexpressions
    • Most of the remaining Customize component issues are regarding Custom Logo. The ones that aren’t include fixes to the expansion and focusing of panels, which @kienstra are @delawski working on…
    • Selective Refresh needs QUnit tests for the Customizer preview.
    • Requested feedback on requiring theme support for widgets to employ selective refresh: #35855.
  • Theme Logo Support: @obenland
    • Finishing touches. @jorbin got tests in, the site icon control is now a little more concise, @westonruter and @obenland finishing up the header text toggle for when a theme doesn’t support custom headers.
    • Reconsider site logo control placement in customizer (#35942) ready to go
  • Editor: @azaozz, @iseulde
    • Nothing new,  test please!

Road to Beta 3 — Triage Edition

#4-5, #dev-chat