Changes to the Term Edit Page in WordPress 4.5

Up until recently, the term list table and the term edit form in the adminadmin (and super admin) shared the same page: wp-admin/edit-tags.php. This is inconsistent compared to how the post list table and the editor are split up between wp-admin/edit.php and wp-admin/post.php.

As was reported in #34988, this inconsistency led to some problems when screen options belonging to the list table were shown on the term edit page. This was changed in [36308] by introducing wp-admin/term.php 💪🏽.

What this means for developers

First of all, you’ll notice that the links to edit a single term now look like (previously: That’s not a big deal actually, but it leads to some changes under the hood:

If you’re specifically targeting the term edit form in your pluginPlugin A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress. These can be free in the Plugin Directory or can be cost-based plugin from a third-party, $pagenow changes from edit-tags.php to term.php. The screen base (returned by get_current_screen()) changes from edit-tags to term as well. That’s it 🙂

What to look for

If you want to specifically enqueue scripts and styles on the term edit page, you should hook to load-term.php instead of load-edit-tags.php. That way you won’t unnecessarily load assets on the wrong screen.

Besides that, everything stays the same 😇. If you do however find any quirks related to this change, do not hesitate to leave a comment on this post or the relevant ticketticket Created for both bug reports and feature development on the bug tracker.: #34988

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